Why is this so important? Simply put, if the wrong hairstyle is created for the wrong face shape, the result is a disaster. In fact, even if a well executed, well cut hairstyle is performed on the wrong face shape, the result is still a disaster. Why again you ask? Because hairstyles are predominately about shape and geometry. It's all about putting the perfect frame around a person's face to balance and bring perspective to the overall shape.

The shape must:

  • Minimize non pleasing attributes.
  • Promote and compliment positive ones.

Once this important objective is achieved, then bringing the hairstyle to life with texture and colors should follow.

A good hairstylist will just know instinctively what shape will or won't suit you. It is also very important and handy for you to understand face shape suitability as well as it will help you to understand what does and does not work for you and why. It will also help you to communicate better with your stylist and to keep them somewhat honest.

There is a general rule that applies to face shape balancing and it is that you should try to achieve an oval shape, which is the most perfect and pleasing shape to the human eye. To do this, long faces need shortening, just as wide faces need lengthening. It's quite simple really!

How To Choose Your Face Shape

Look at a photo of yourself that has the hair off your face and find the best match from the following descriptions and pictures.

It's important to remember that even though your face may not be an exact match of any single shape, it will resemble one shape over all. Need help to determine your face shape? Try our Face Shape Quiz.

Oval Face Shape

Oval face shape
  • Curvilinear shape.
  • Length is equal to one and a half times width.
  • The forehead and jaw are the same width.


Round Face Shape

Round face shape
  • Circular shaped.
  • Length is approximately equal to width.


Oblong Face Shape

Oblong face shape
  • Face is longer than it is wide.
  • Long, straight cheek line.


Square Face Shape

Square face shape
  • Strong and broad forehead.
  • Angular jaw.


Heart Face Shape

Heart face shape
  • Wide at the forehead and cheekbones.
  • Narrow at the jawline.


Triangular Face Shape

Triangular face shape
  • Forehead and cheekbones are narrow.
  • Jawline is wide.


Diamond Face Shape

Diamond face shape
  • Forehead and jawline are narrow.
  • Cheekbones are wide and high.


Once you have determined what your face shape is, please click on the links below to see images and examples which will show and explain how shape and geometry make all the difference in hairstyling design.

Still don't know your face shape? Try our Face Shape Quiz.

Now that you know your face shape and how to choose the right hairstyle, why not take a look through TheHairStyler.com's range of hairstyles to suit face shapes?

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