Updo Hairstyles

Updo hairstyles are perfect for formal occasions, like a wedding or a prom, which require a hairstyle that is elegant, works with your dress and accessories, and suits your personal attributes perfectly. Updos can also be worn for less formal events, such as a day at the office, to give you a polished and professional look. Get inspired by these Updo hairstyles from salons around the world and see which updo looks great on you.

Our updo hairstyles include straight and wavy/curly.

Straight Updos

A straight updo that is long and straight can be described as smooth, sleek, not over the top and simple. They range from smooth, flat gelled-down styles, to piecey face-framing looks. This type of hairstyle can be worn everyday at work, home, to the shops and to important events and interviews. These types of updos are generally pinned, tied, teased, gelled, brushed smooth, and lacquered into place. Styling time varies depending on how much work is done to the hair, meaning it can be as little as 10 minutes or up to 45 minutes long. These looks are also great for keeping the hair out of the eyes and off the face and, due to their simplicity; they allow clothing, jewellery and other elements to enjoy some attention.

Wavy/Curly Updos

A wavy or curly updo is soft, loose, carefree, and not overdone looking. They range from tied back and pulled up twists, to soft looks with face-framing pieces falling down. They can be worn everyday at home, work, socializing, or at formal functions too. Styling time varies depending on how much work is done to the hair and if your hair needs to be curled using rollers or heat appliances.

So check out our hairstyles below to view yourself with 165 updos!

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  Long Curly   Light Ginger Red  Updo
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  Long Straight    Brunette  Updo
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  Medium Curly   Light Blonde  Updo

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  Long Curly   Dark Bright Red  Updo
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  Medium Curly    Brunette  Updo

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