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Hairstyle Ideas for Naturally Curly, Wavy and Straight Hair

One of the simplest ways to create a great look in very little time is to make the most of your natural hair texture and style right for your hair type. So, if you have natural curls, some wicked waves...

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Barely There Waves

Since 2015, it has become a hair trend to have subtle waves in your hair. When it comes to having a relaxed hairstyle, it is nice to have the barely there waves because they look effortless and yet the hairstyle...

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Loose Boho Waves

If you've read any hair trend reports this year, you'll know that mermaid waves and highly polished Carrie Underwood style hair is on its way out. Instead, loose, barely there boho waves are all the rage this year. In the...

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Ways to Jazz Up Short Hairstyles

If you have a short 'do, you probably love the quick styling time and manageability of your hairstyle. What you may not love is that with short hair, you're basically stuck with that style for all occasions: work, play, casual,...

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Choppy Haircuts

After years of long layered styles being the 'in' thing, in today's time we are going to be seeing more and more blunt, choppy haircuts, particularly in bob hairstyles. And if the Spring/Summer Fashion Week styles were anything to go...

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Hairstyles for High Foreheads

High foreheads are a great feature to have apparently, they signify intelligence, openness and a high IQ, but from a beauty perspective, many women want to cover them up or at least minimize their appearance. If you find yourself in...

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Wash And Go Hairstyles You Can Style In Minutes

As women, we always try to appear as if our beauty is effortless but we all know that it takes work to get that flawless hair and makeup! There are some things you can do to reduce your styling...

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Get A Copper Hair Color For A Fresh New Look

In the midst of all of the brunettes and blondes in Hollywood, a new color is becoming the "must have" shade - copper! A lighter version of the typical medium orange-red shade, copper hair can provide a dash of brightness...

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New Hair Ideas for a Job Interview

If you've scored an interview for that fabulous job you've always wanted, don’t blow it with bad hair! It can be hard to decide how to style your hair for an important interview- after all you may be more focused...

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Two-Tone Hair Color Splash For A Great New Look

A definite way to spice up your hair color and forgo the choice of having to decide between two equally great hair shades is to add a two-tone hair color splash to your locks! Check out these ideas for...

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Holiday Hair Colors For A Great New Look

Everyone loves to try a new look around the holidays, something to show off to family and friends when celebrating Christmas, or a great new look to kick off the New Year in style.

But rather than going all out...

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Beach Hairstyles For Summer That Are Gorgeous And Easy

Finally, beach season has arrived and now it's time to find the best hairstyles for the sand and surf. The best beach hairstyles are carefree, easy and sexy, and will let you tan, swim or surf with ease. The main...

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Swag Hairstyles That Are Fun And Easy To Wear

One of the must have hairstyles is "The Swag"! Taking over from the Lob (long bob), the Swag 'do is the "swingy shag" hairstyle. The main style features of this 'do is a long peek-a-boo fringe with the rest of...

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Faux Bob Hairstyles To Try That Will Look Great On You!

A big trend seen on some of the past red carpets were the faux bob. If you're looking for a new head-turning updo for your long tresses without the commitment of a drastic cut, the faux bob may be for...

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How To Wear Your Short Hair To Suit Your Face Shape

A Short hairstyle is always in style. Bobs and pixie cuts always look modern and in style which is something that you want to keep in mind when choosing a hairstyle. You want something that will always be in style...

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Structured Hairstyles

After years of the Boho Chic look and long, loose Grecian Goddess waves, are structured hairstyles making a comeback? We have been seeing many more styles that are curled, coiffed and sprayed into place - think news anchor lady hair....

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Bridal Hairstyle Ideas For Straight, Wavy And Curly Hair

While bridal hairstyles come in lots of different choices and brides are free to choose whatever hairdo matches their dress, suits their theme or takes their fancy, wavy and straight hairstyles are classic looks that...

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Trendy Spring Hairstyles In Action

Got the winter blues? It's time for a hot new look for spring! By reading our Spring hair trend article, you'll know what to expect this season when it comes to bang-on-trend hairstyles. Hot hairdos for this Spring (in a...

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Ultra Short Hairstyles For Women

There is no better way to make a style transformation than to go for The Big Chop. Ultra short hair signifies that a woman is confident, carefree and courageous. Having very short hair is not for everyone though - you...

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Bob Hairstyle Ideas That Will Make You Look Fabulous!

Each year, one hairstyle you're sure to see in fashion again (and given a new cool twist) is the bob. Why? Simply because this classic hairstyle can be tailored to suit any face shape, will suit any hair...

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Pageboy Bob Hairstyles That Look Chic

The pageboy bob is a classic cut that was the height of fashion in the Roaring Twenties. Its blunt lines and short length suited the androgynous look that was in vogue at the time, and were a welcome departure from...

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Highlights For Short Hair

Highlights are the perfect way to bring short hair to life, give you a look that brings out the best in your haircut, and allows you to express yourself through your hair.

Hair Color Enhancing Highlights

Highlights don't...

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Hairstyles For A Round Face

To balance out your features, your hairstyle should have lots of height, angles and softness added to it. If you want to update your style, check out these new hairdos for round faces for some inspiration.


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Soft Bombshell Hair

While there are definitely some edgy looks that will be on trend this year, there is one trend that will appeal to all of the ladies out there who love their hair big and bold. It's known as bombshell hair!...

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Swinging London Hairstyles

If you love the era of Swinging London - you know, Carnaby Street, the Beatles, Twiggy - then you are in for a treat this season. One of fall's hottest trends is this magical era from the Sixties that was...

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New Year's Eve Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair

The biggest party of the year is on its way, and with just a few days to prepare for New Year's Eve, there's no time to waste! In addition to finding the perfect outfit and some sexy makeup ideas, let's...

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Braided Hair Isn't Just for Hippies

There's a big trend around at the moment, but the hippies will be angry. It's the braided hair trend. Once the stalwart style of no-shoes-wearing-Green Peace-types roaming the countryside in campervans containing backpacks full of the drabbest clothing imaginable, braids...

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Hair Ideas for Teens

Being a teenager can be tough. Balancing school, sports, friends, and maybe even a job is exhausting, but you still want to look your best. Teenagers often grab their style inspiration from popular celebs who wear cutting-edge fashion, makeup and...

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Streaky Highlights

It was only a matter of time before the Nineties made it back to the world of hair color, and now it is going to be one of the hottest trends in 2015. Not all Nineties hair mind you -...

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Hairstyles For Fall

It is so fascinating to see how climatic changes affect the fashion world in a big way. One simple example is the change in hairstyles that you witness just when you start experiencing the weather becoming cold in winter or...

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Slicked Back Hairstyles

If you're the type of girl that likes to slick her hair back, whether you're having a bad hair day or just for fun, then a slick hairstyle is right on trend. This is one style that everyone can pull...

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Can You Pull Off the Cleopatra Cut?

While the hairdo didn't really scream 'punk' it did give off an exotic look that only a certain type of woman can pull off with ease. It's not a forgiving cut by any means, as everything from the

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Long Hairstyle Ideas

When it comes to being able to wear your hair in a variety of hairstyles, long hair is the best length to have! Long hair is the perfect length to create a variety of looks using different hair styling techniques...

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Easy Updo Hairstyles Everyone Should Master

Everyone should have a go-to updo hairstyle to fall back on when events or everyday occasions call for a great look. The hairstyles don't have to be complicated either, just some great classic, easy hairstyles that are a...

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Hair Care Advice: 5 Ways to Fight Frizz

Get a Good Haircut

The right haircut for your hair type and texture will go a long way towards helping you to keep frizz at bay. To find the right style for you, give our Find Your Perfect...

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Celebrity Hairstyles: What's Hot and What's Not - Latest Hairstyles


Romantic curls can be a long-haired girl's best friend, and this perfect example from Brooke Shields shows why. We love the look of...

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Hairstyle Ideas: Plaits and Braids

If you love nothing more than adding a great plait or braid to your hair then check out these inspiring hairstyle ideas! Plaits aren't just for school girls anymore, and adding a plait to your...

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Hairstyle Ideas for Thick Hair

One of the great things about thick hair is that there are always a lot of hairstyles that are very well suited for thick locks. Another is that most styles will stay in your hair long after other hair types...

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Best Hairstyles for Humid Weather

It's essential that you have a collection of humid-fighting hairdos up your sleeve if you live in a hot, humid climate and have hair that tends to frizz out. These can...

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Quick Hairstyle Changes: Day to Night

With everyday lives getting busier and busier it can be hard to keep on top of styling your hair and creating a different look for every event or occasion - especially...

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Pretty Plaits

If you want a quick and easy way to boost your look without a lot of effort then using plaits to create different hairdos could be the hairstyle trend for you!

Plaited Bangs:

One way to ensure your...

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Long Pixie Hair Cuts

If you're after a short, sophisticated and feminine look that takes under 10 minutes to style, then a long pixie hairstyle may be just right for you. This hairstyle can go from day to night, formal to casual,...

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Top 5 Hair Product Myths

To help you sort through the confusion, has put together the top 5 hair product myths that we’ve come across.

Hair Product Myth #1: Find a Shampoo and Stick to It

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Wedding Hairstyle Ideas: Bridesmaids & Guests

Weddings are an occasion where everyone gets to dress up and look their best and your hair should not be left out! To complete your wedding look, whether you’re a bridesmaid or a guest, give these wedding...

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The Best Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

Love is in the air this spring, so it's more than likely that you have a wedding or two to attend this season. Hair and makeup is always of utmost importance at these events, especially if you're the bride, but...

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Short Hairstyles for Wavy Hair

If you have naturally wavy hair, consider yourself lucky! Your hair benefits from having natural volume and texture while still being relatively easy to style. This is especially true when it comes to short hairstyles. Wavy hair looks great...

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Side Swept Hairstyles

There has been one hairstyle on the red carpet that has been worn by so many celebrities we just had to do an article on it. The hairstyle is not particularly hard to do or complicated, but it is one...

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Hairstyles and Makeup to Wear With a Little Black Dress

If you have a cocktail party, evening soiree or any other elegant event to go to, a little black dress is the perfect outfit to wear. A black dress is not only slimming, but it also provides a sophisticated canvas...

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How To Wear Bardot Bangs

If you're the kind of girl that likes sexy, versatile bangs, then Bardot Bangs may be perfect for you. These were, of course, named after the iconic Brigitte Bardot, who was famous for her long tousled hair and fringe. Bardot...

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Goldie Hawn's Long Hairstyles for Older Women

At 68 years old, there is no denying that Goldie Hawn looks amazing. She has always looked youthful over the years thanks to her vivacious personality and, of course, her long hair helps too....