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Makeup Ideas for Brunette Hairstyles

If you are a natural brunette, chances are you have olive or golden undertones to your skin. On the other hand, many natural brunettes have fair... Read more...

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Bouffant Hairstyles

Did you know that the very first bouffant hairstyle was created for Marie Antoinette? Although most people associate this look with the Fifties ... Read more...

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Icy White Blonde Hairstyles

Apparently, word in the fashion world has it that 2014 is going to be all about the blonde hair. And we're not talking about sun-kissed dark hon... Read more...

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Stana Katic’s Makeup for Golden Brown Hairstyles

Actress Stana Katic always looks glowing both on and off of the red carpet, so it’s no wonder that women everywhere want to know her beaut... Read more...

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Bella Thorne's Perfect Makeup for Redheads

Blessed with dewy skin, large brown eyes and mile-long Read more...

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Hairstyles to Enhance Your Makeup

Whether you’re g...

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Celebrity Hair and Makeup Mistakes

Even with all their money and access to the best hairstylists, some celebritie... Read more...

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Bridal Hairstyle Ideas

To allow your skin to breathe again and free it of build-up that’ll cause havoc with your complexion, all you need to do is follow these t... Read more...

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Lipstick vs. Lip Gloss

Choosing what to add to your lips is part of the fun of using makeup and usually involves applying a lipstick or smothering on a lip gloss. If y... Read more...

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