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How to Avoid a Bad Haircut

There is nothing worse than going to a salon, sitting in a chair for hours, paying more money than you earn in a week and ending up with a bad haircut. Unfortunately a haircut that leaves you cringing every time...

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The Best Hairstyles for a Strong Jawline

If you have a heart, square or rectangular shaped face, you probably have a strong jawline too. Strong jawlines can include a prominent chin along with a wide or angular jaw. While this gives the face a striking look, it...

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Hairstyles For Teenage Girls

Being a teenager can be lots of fun. You are turning into your own person and you are experiencing new things and becoming part of the adult world. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming but one thing is for sure, your...

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Curly Hairstyles To Suit Your Face Shape

Whether or not that new hairstyle you really want suits your face shape is probably one the most important things you should consider. And if you don't have a particular hairstyle in mind, then understanding your face shape and the...

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Bob Hairstyles That Will Look Great On Everyone

The bob is a truly classic hairstyle that dates back as far as the 1920s. The reason it's a classic is because it's a style of many different 'faces' (there's the one length bob, the

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Short Hairstyles To Suit Your Face Shape

Going short can be a big hairstyling decision and there are lots of factors involved in taking the plunge, the most important being that you choose a short hairstyle that will suit you. And the best way to do that...

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Hairstyles with Bangs For Every Face Shape

Bangs can really make or break a good haircut, so it's important to do your research if you want to add bangs or modify your existing ones. The right fringe will depend on your face shape, your overall hairstyle and...

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Office Hairstyles For Women That Are Quick And Easy

Finding a hairstyle that works for the office can become a bit tricky. You want to make sure that your hair looks good but at the same time, it needs to be off the face and out of the way....

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Hairstyles For Thinning Hair - Causes And Treatments To Stop Hair Loss

Hair thinning is a common condition that can happen to anyone at any age. There are so many factors that contribute to hair thinning. You do not need to be ashamed of your hair thinning out. There are hairstyles that...

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Hair Styling Tips For Women Over 40

If you've hit a certain age and have fallen for the cliche' of sticking to the hairstyle you've been sporting for the last decade, opting for the chop or going grey because that's what ladies do to their hair after...

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Fabulous Hairstyles To Suit Your Glasses

Pulling off a fabulous style doesn't just start and end with your hair. There are a lot of other factors to consider, such as your clothes, accessories, make-up and, believe it or not, your glasses. You want everything to look...

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Add Volume To Your Hair With These Tips

Flat, lanky hair is never a good look, so it's no wonder that women everywhere love to add body and bounce to their hair. Whether it's to copy the latest hairstyle trends or just to add a little something to...

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Curly Hairstyles And Tips On How To Get Great Curls

If you have curly hair, you may find yourself getting stuck in a style rut at times with good reason. Curly hair can be difficult to wear in certain styles, especially when you have your face shape to take into...

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Simple Hairstyles For Casual Occasions

Even if the event is as casual as dropping by a friend's house, styling your hair into a simple hairstyle that looks good is easily done when you've got these great looks to draw inspiration from.

At the end...

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Bangs That Change Your Look

Bangs are the perfect way to change up your look, hide a high forehead or just add some more style to your overall appearance. The great thing about fringes is that there is something for every face shape, and they...

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Side-Swept Bangs For All Face Shapes

Side-sweeping is one of the most popular ways to style bangs and is a great choice to make if you are trying bangs for the first time.

Side-swept bangs are soft, flattering and versatile enough to suit any hairstyle or...

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Blunt Cut Bangs Guide

If you are looking for a new and exciting hairstyle, then blunt cut bangs are your next hairstyle decision! They are fun and yet you can wear them for a casual look or for a formal event. They are easy...

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Easy Hairstyles You Can Style In Minutes

If you're like most women today, your days are probably jam packed with work, family commitments, hobbies and other things that life throws your way. We are more pressed for time than ever, so it's no wonder that many women...

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Graduated Bob Haircuts That Suit Every Face Shape

The graduated bob is one hairstyle that will simply never go out of fashion. The chic, cool lines of this haircut can flatter virtually any face shape, and the wearer always looks stylish thanks to this timeless cut. Although...

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Mermaid Waves That Suit Any Face Shape

According to Glamour magazine, we should all be channelling our inner sea goddess when it comes to our hair this season. That's right... long, flowing mermaid waves are set to be all the rage this spring and summer. But, we...

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Great Summer Hairstyles For Everyone

Most of us have that gorgeous summer glow in summer, Our skin gets more bronzed and our hair, no matter what color it is naturally, gets those beautiful sun-kissed highlights. Check out these summer hairstyle ideas for some inspiration and...

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Feminine Hairstyles For Long And Short Hair

While long hair may take longer to style than short or medium length hair, the results that you can achieve are nothing short of stunning. When it comes to styling your hair so that it looks like a...

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The Right Bangs For Your Hair Type And Face Shape

Bangs make for a great hairstyle makeover if you don't want anything drastic but you're bored with your current hair. They're no longer limited to school girls, and these bangs hairstyles can be as carefree or as adult as you...

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Hot Summer Hairstyles For Short And Long Hair

It's that time of the year again and it's time to bust out the short hot hairstyles or the long, luscious 'dos! Whether you're at the beach, out on the town or - even better - enjoying an awesome holiday...

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The Best Hairstyles for Fuller Faces

Contrary to popular belief, having a full face doesn't always mean having a round face. Fuller faces can be any size or shape, but the defining feature is that there is less bone definition and a softer overall look. If...

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The Perfect Pixie Hair Cut For Your Face Shape

One of the most popular short hairstyles is of course the pixie haircut. Why? Because a pixie cut looks cute, feminine and flattering. Pixies cuts tend to give someone a sense of power. This hairstyle is adventurous and...

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The Best Hairstyles for Thin Faces

Just as full faces are not always round in shape, thin face shapes are not always oblong. Thin faces can come in a variety of shapes, but the main feature is that they have more definition than the average person,...

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Angle Layered Hairstyles

Sometimes you might want to find a new hairstyle that is hot and that is going to boost your confidence. From long, medium and short length hairstyles, hairdressers can use an angle technique to create a sharp edge, texture your...

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Great Hairstyles To Wear In Quarantine For Video Calls

The world right now is a mess. No one is really sure what is happening. We have all adjusted or at least tried to adjust to working from home with our kids playing around us and having virtual dates with...

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Layered Hairstyles: Tips And Ideas

Layers are really hot, which is most apparent on the red carpet where celebs are flaunting long, layered 'dos. The great thing about layers is that they flatter all face shapes while adding body and movement to the hair. Adding...

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Top 10 Reasons To Try A Layered Haircut

A layered haircut has been around for a very long time and will continue to be in fashion for years to come. Layers are used in hairstyle to create the illusion of longer hair as well as create volume in...

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Layered Hair: Will It Suit Your Hair Type?

Adding layers to your hair is an easy way to get movement into strands and take the shape and look of your locks to a new level. While layering can work wonders for some

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Choosing the Right Hairstyle for Your Hair Texture and Density

To really ensure that you make the most of your hairstyle, you can't ignore your hair texture and density. Choosing a hairstyle based on your hair type and texture will not only give you a hairdo that looks great, but...

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Straight Hairstyle Ideas

Having straight hair means that you create virtually any hairstyle you like, with the right products and tools of course. While wearing your hair in its naturally straight state is the easiest way to go, you have the option of...

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Romantic Hairstyles That Are Timeless And Elegant

It may not be Valentine's Day, but don't let that stop you from wearing a romantic hairstyle every now and then! Romantic hairstyles take their inspiration from bygone eras and are usually embellished with soft curls or waves, twists or...

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Hairstyles That Suit A Round Face Shape

A round face requires haircuts, styles and makeup that will help to reduce the roundness and create a more flattering shape.

If you have a round face shape then you'll...

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Hairstyles That Suit A Triangular Face Shape

A triangular face shape requires haircuts, styles and makeup that will flatter and help minimize the bottom-heavy appearance of its shape.

If you have a triangular face shape then you'll recognize the following...

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Gorgeous Evening Hairstyles For A Great Night Out

Regardless of where your night out is, if you're hitting the town then an evening hairstyle that takes your look to the next level is in order. There are so many different evening looks for you to choose from. You...

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Wavy Bob Hairstyle Ideas

The wavy bob hairstyle is one that has been hot for a while now, and its popularity doesn't seem to be waning anytime soon. Bobs look so chic when they are worn straight and sleek, but what if you want...

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The Best Lob (Long Bob) Hairstyles

One hairstyle trend that is sticking around for the long haul is the lob. The lob, (or long bob) has been seen on celebrities, fashion designers, models and musicians alike, making it one of the most-requested hairstyles around. Victoria Beckham,...

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Pixie Hair Cut Ideas

Every few years the pixie haircut re-emerges and takes the world by storm. We are in love with this classic look all over again with Hollywood's leading ladies showing us how...

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Hairstyles That Suit An Oblong Face Shape

An oblong face shape requires haircuts, styles and makeup that will help to flatter and minimize its long length and narrow features.

If you have an oblong face shape then...

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Hairstyles That Suit A Square Face Shape

A square face shape requires haircuts, styles and makeup that will help to soften the strong angles that are the trademark of the shape.

If you have a square face shape then you'll...

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Hairstyles That Suit A Heart Face Shape

A heart face shape requires haircuts, styles and makeup that will help to flatter and minimize the width through the forehead and bring balance to the narrow jawline and chin.

If you...

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Hairstyles That Suit A Diamond Face Shape

A diamond face shape requires haircuts, styles and makeup that will bring out the best in the narrow and full features that combine to create its unique shape.

If you have a diamond...

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Hairstyles That Suit An Oval Face Shape

An oval face shape has long been regarded as the ideal face shape, simply because its proportions and balance allow it to pull off practically any haircut, hairstyle and makeup look with ease.

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Wavy Hairstyles To Suit Your Face Shape

Whether or not that new hairstyle you really want suits your face shape is probably one the most important things you should consider. And if you don't have a particular hairstyle in mind, then understanding your face shape and the...

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The Best Hairstyles For Heart Face Shapes

If you have a heart shaped face, you'll know that it can be a pain to find the right hairstyle to flatter your fabulous cheekbones and dainty chin! While these are great features to have, they do have special requirements...

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The Best Hairstyles For Square Face Shapes

If you a have a square face shape, then you are in fabulous company with the likes of Angelina Jolie, Olivia Wilde and Jennifer Aniston. These ladies may have angular jawlines and high foreheads to deal with, but they know...

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The Best Hairstyles For Oblong Face Shapes

If you have a long or oblong face shape, you join many Hollywood beauties such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler and Kelly Rowland to name a few. Just like any other face shape, oblongs have certain issues that they...