If you really want to achieve a flattering haircut, hairstyle, makeup look and even choose the right glasses for you, then knowing your face shape makes a huge difference.

While working out your face shape might seem complicated, it really isn't once you know what basic characteristics to look for.

There are 7 basic face shapes, but more often than not, your face shape will lean towards a combination of at least 2 face shapes that are similar (a round face shape and an oval face shape, for example). When that happens, choose the face shape that you share the most characteristics with.

Factors such as weight gain, loss and aging skin can change the shape of your face so it’s a good idea to re-determine your face shape annually.

One final tip is to remember to focus on the outline of your face, the lines, angles and curves.

Determine your face shape features in front of a mirror

To help you determine your face shape, look at a photo or yourself in a mirror with all of your hair pulled back off your face (if you've got bangs, pin them away!). Make sure you are looking front on so that you can clearly see the whole outline of your face and hairline and then…

  • Pay attention to the main areas of your face – your forehead, cheekbones and jawline.
  • Determine which parts of your face are the widest.
  • Determine which parts of your face are the narrowest.
  • Take note of the shape of your chin. Is it pointy, round or flat?
  • Is your forehead wide when it meets your hairline, or is it narrow?
  • Is the length of your face obviously long, short or average?

Model with tied back red hair

Determine your face shape with this easy 4-question quiz

For accurate results, choose 1 option from each of the following 4 questions using a photo (or your mirrored reflection) where you are facing front on with no hair covering your face.

1. Does the length of your face look…

Face shape quiz

   1. Longer than it is wider (even if only slightly)
   2. Approximately equal in length and width

2. Is the width of your face…

Face shape quiz

   1. Average
   2. Narrow
   3. Wide

3. Is the widest part of your face your…

Face shape quiz

   1. Cheekbones
   2. Forehead
   3. Jawline

4. Is your chin…

Face shape quiz

   1. Pointed
   2. Rounded
   3. Square/Flat