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Ombre Hairstyles That Complement Your Skin Tone

Time to get creative and show your roots. It's called ombre' and it's still all the rage. Ombre is a French word meaning color graduating from dark to light. This color is also known as 'surfer strands' because the hair...

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Blonde Hair Color Tips, Tricks And Suggestions

If you're a blonde who wants to have more fun, or you're thinking about going blonde, then these tips, tricks and blonde hair color suggestions are for you!

Blonde Hair Color Tips

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Hair Color Highlights And Rules For A Great Look

Adding highlights to your hair is an awesome way to give your locks a makeover as well as give you a fresh new look. As with any hair color change, there are some little rules you can follow that...

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Blonde Hair Colors For Pale Skin

While those with pale skin may shy away from going blonde for fear it will make them looked washed out, it is actually possible to wear shades of blonde with light skin, you just need to know which blonde...

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Hair Color: Before and After Tips for Your Best Color Ever!

Coloring your hair is one of the best ways to update your look or give yourself a total makeover with maximum impact, so to ensure that you end up with a...

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Blonde vs. Brunette

It's always fun to see a celebrity make the dramatic change from brunette to blonde, or vice versa. A change of hair colour is the perfect way to completely change up their look, but there is always one shade that...

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The Best Brunette Hairstyles

Brunette hair is always in fashion but moreso at this time of year. It looks especially great in the autumn as it harmonizes with the fall colours and matches the rich, luxurious look of the season. On the red carpet,...

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Blonde Hairstyles And Hair Color Tips

While it's true that brunette hair is usually more in fashion in the fall, blonde hair is typically more popular in the summer months when lighter locks rule, and there are many smoking hot blonde looks on the red carpet...

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Hot Hair Colors

It's a New Year, time to freshen up your color! Stylists from around the world have announced the hottest colors and now all you have to do is see which one will suit you best. While it is recommended that...

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Black Hair Color Change

I spoke to a friend recently who colored her hair jet black and then changed it back to blonde. This is her story. She talks us through the considerations she made before getting her new hair color, the...

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Choosing Your Skin Tone and Enhancing Your Hair Color

Skin Tone Categories

While there are a variety of complexions, all complexions fall into two different skin tone categories - warm or cool.

How To Choose Your Skin Tone

The quickest way to work out if...

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Ciara's Ombre Hairstyle Evolution

Let's face it - the ombre look is well and truly played out. However, singer Ciara has managed to keep it looking fresh and modern with her different take on it, using asymmetrical cuts and beautifully blended colours to...

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Great Fall Hair Colors To Try

Fall is here and 'tis the time for rich autumn colors to be in vogue-think deep chocolate brown, pumpkin orange and burgundy red. A great cut can make anyone look fabulous but add a gorgeous colour to the mix and...

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Cool Blonde vs. Warm Blonde

Blonde is one of the most requested hair colors in salons, especially when it comes to highlights. Whether you are going for a subtle sun-kissed look or a head-turning ombre look, blonde tones need to be part of your color...

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Brunette Hair Color Ideas

Brunette hair covers a wide spectrum of shades from light to dark--espresso, mocha, chestnut and caramel--the options are endless. Finding the right shade of brunette for you will depend on your skin tone and eye color. So, the first step...

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Hair Color Stereotypes

It's always interesting to see just how much a hair color can change up your look. Making a dramatic change to your hair color will, whether you like it or not, change other people's...

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Brunette Hairstyle Ideas

Brunette is one of the most common naturally appearing hair colors in the world, but many non-brunettes also dye their hair to this rich shade too. Sometimes, brunette actually suits one better than their natural lighter hair color—just think of...

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Return of the Redheads!

Let’s face it—summer is all about blondes and the winter is all about brunettes. But what about all of the fiery, vibrant redheads out there? The truth is, red hair never goes in or out of style, and redheads always...

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Hair Colors for Warm Skin Tones

Choosing a hair color is so important for your overall image. We take a look at some hair colors that are suited for warm (fair, medium and dark) skin tones.

Hair Colors for Warm Fair Skin

If you have warm fair...

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Hair Colors for Cool Skin Tones

Choosing a hair color is so important for your overall image. We take a look at some hair colors that are suited for cool (fair, medium and dark) skin tones.

Hair Colors for Cool Fair Skin

If you have cool...

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The Perfect Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

There’s no better way to establish a classic look or make a splashy statement than with your hair color. Not only can you use your hair color to create an attention-drawing look, but you can also use it to highlight...

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Hair Color Trend Report: August 2014

We all love a good haircut but if our hair color is lacklustre then it can really kill the entire look. Some hairstyles do in fact look better with a rich monochromatic color while others look better with the dimension...

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Bright Hair Color Inspiration

If you're of a certain age, you'll remember a time when bright hair colors were only for rebellious teenagers. Never would you see pink, purple or orange hair on the red carpet unless an extremely eccentric celebrity was making a...

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Color Ideas for a New Hairstyle

Now that spring has sprung you might be feeling the urge for a pick-me-up. You've got the cut, now what? Consider trying out a new hair color to revitalize and energize your look! The key to great...

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Stars Who Are Faking It - Which Celebs Hide Their Natural Hair Color?

Sometimes celebrities become so synonymous with their particular ‘look’, we tend to forget that most of them are manufactured in some way. This means that if their natural hair color doesn’t suit their image, they usually change it and pass...

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Bad Bleach Jobs and How to Avoid Them

Hollywood is rife with bad bleach jobs lately, so it’s high time we put out a warning before anyone rushes out to copy them on a whim. Lightening your hair color to a super light blonde shade can be done,...

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Hair Color Ideas to Try This Weekend

If you want to give your look a boost over the weekend but don't want to mess around with a new haircut or hairstyle, trying out a...

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Hair Color Makeover Tips: How to Get a Salon Finish at Home

If you’re in need of a color makeover, but lack the funds for a salon visit, give yourself a professional color job at home by following this helpful hair color advice!

Start with...

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Hair Coloring Tips for Grey Hair

Not just for changing your natural hair color or expressing your individualism, hair color is also a must have hair process if your locks are starting to look more salt-and-pepper than you’d like. So to help you successfully cover up...

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The Best Hair Colors for Olive Skin

Those with olive skin have the great advantage of a sun-kissed glow all year round, so make the most of your healthy looking complexion and compliment it with a great hair color!

Like all skin tones, an olive complexion can...

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Getting Home Hair Color Perfect

When it comes to coloring your hair at home there are so many things that can go wrong, but you can ensure that your hair color result is as perfect as possible...

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Best Hair Color: Natural or Grey?

Five Reasons You Should Keep Your Hair Naturally Grey: Leaving your hair grey is liberating, it's a sign you're comfortable with yourself. You won't feel self-conscious, wondering "are my grey roots showing?"...

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Hair Highlights: Tips and Ideas

Adding highlights to your hair is one of the best ways to makeover your look, add some color, enhance your existing shade, or just simply to give you a look...

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Hair Coloring Fun for Short, Medium and Long Hair

Hair Coloring Fun for Short Hair

The fun that you can have with hair color isn’t limited to just one overall color. Vibrant shades, natural tones and hair color effects achieved with highlights and other chemical processes will allow you...

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Hair Color Trends to Try!

Hair colors this season are taking note from the 80’s with wild streaks of fun hair colors like blue, pink and purple. These...

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Same Haircut Different Color for Medium Length Straight Hair

At we take the difficulty and drama out of choosing hair colors. How? We make it easy by showing what the same haircut would look like in a range of different colors. This month we've chosen to look at...

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6 Simple Ways to Update Your Shade

There are plenty of options for everyone when it comes to having some hair color fun and updating your look (perhaps you're one of those people who like to change their shade every couple of months, or someone who has...

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Same Haircut Different Color for Long Thick Curly Hair

At, we hope to make your choice a little bit easier by showing you how simple it is to see what the same haircut would look like in all different colors.

This month we have chosen to look at...

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Same Haircut Different Color for Wavy Long Hair

At, we hope to make your choice a little bit easier by showing you how simple it is to see what the same haircut would look like in all different colors.

This month we have chosen to look at...

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Same Haircut Different Hair Color for Medium Concave Bobs

At, we hope to make your choice a little bit easier by showing you how simple it is to see what the same haircut would look like in all different colors.

This month we have chosen to look at...

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Brown Hair Color Tips: Get the Perfect Color for You

While going blonde or switching to a head turning red hair color is high on the list of hair color changes, going brown is also one of the most popular ways to transform your look and give your locks an...

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Hair Color Guideline: When to Color Before an Event

When a big event like a wedding, formal or milestone party is looming on your calendar then it’s time to start thinking about your outfit, hair and makeup. Often a big event is a time when our hair color gets...

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Brown Hair Color Tips: Maintenance

One of the not so great things about brown hair color is that, like all hair color, it’s subject to everyday elements that can make that gloss and color fade and become dull looking (which kinda defeats the purpose of...

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Blonde Hair Coloring Tips: Going Going... Blonde

My advice? Think about these “Blonde Hair Essential Questions” first, prepare yourself by understanding the “Color Transforming Techniques” and study our important “Blonde Hair Coloring Tips” at the end.

Blonde Hair...

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Dark Hair: Six Reasons it'll Knock Their Socks Off

Dark hair's striking. It can look so seductive, glossy and healthy. It can add an unmistakable mysterious quality to a person's image- a sophistication reminiscent of glamorous parties and stepping into moody restaurants from chauffeur driven black cars. Dark hair's...

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Hair Color Essentials, Part One

It probably didn't help that I was feeling sick, miserable, and sorry for myself (I was in the doctor's surgery after all). But that's not entirely fair; I've been a hairstylist for over...

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Hair Color That's Best for You: Semi-Permanent, Bleach or Tint?

With so many types of hair color on the market these days it's very difficult to know what you truly need and what's best for your hair. Add to that the increasing number of brands with new and exciting...

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No Regrets Hair Color Changes

Color for Your Skin Tone

The number one rule of thumb when it comes to changing your hair color is to always choose a hair color...

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Brown Hair: The Most Underrated Hair Color

Brown hair color too often gets a bad rap. They say gentlemen prefer blondes but marry brunettes; they say blondes have more fun; and they say brown hair is “mousy.” It's as if brown hair, just because it's brown, lots...

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Hair Coloring Tips: Long Live Good Hair Color!

When it comes to coloring your hair you can either do it yourself at home, or for a fuss-free professional result, visit a salon. If you decide to go for a salon color there are a few questions that you...