Pixie Cuts

A Pixie cut is a very short wispy hairstyle that can be textured and razored, and is short on the back and sides and usually longer on the top. While a crop is more blunt, Pixie hairstyles are cute, feminine and flattering, and this is the reason why Pixie cuts were once associated with 'cheerful fairies' (Pixies). Pixie cuts suit any age, hair texture and density, and are great for women on the go because they are low maintenance and can be very flattering. It might take a bit of courage to get a pixie cut, but you'll see that it's worth it! Pixies are versatile, and as you'll see from our hairstyles below, they range from classic to modern, straight to wavy, and are cool to wear. They are always in fashion and can be seen on many celebrities. The most famous pixie cut was made popular in the 1950's by Audrey Hepburn in the movie 'Roman Holiday'.

So get inspired by these 56 great Pixies from salons around the world and try them on your own photo. Make sure you look at our hair information on each hairstyle, including face shape and hair texture, to see which Pixie hair cut suits you best!

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     Light Platinum Blonde Pixie  Cut
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     Pixie  Cut
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     Black Mocha  Pixie  Cut

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