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Before and After Makeover

Find out how a new hairstyle, haircut, hair color or makeup look can transform someone's entire style with these before and after makeovers!

 Before and After Makeover #1

Face shape: oblong

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Eye Shadow Basics

While adding eye shadow to your eyes might be a relatively easy process (after all, all you need to do is sweep the color over your lids), knowing how to apply your eye shadow properly and what color to choose...

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Makeup Tips: Foundation

No makeup look is complete without an envy-inducing complexion brought to life with the right foundation, so to ensure your makeup look gets the right start, and has a strong finish, take a look at these foundation tips.

Choosing the...

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Skin Care Ritual: Night-time Beauty Routine Ideas

At night, your body winds down and repairs itself from the stresses of the day. That means that night-time treatments can be absorbed more readily, giving you the chance to wake up with a glorious glow! To find out more,...

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Foundation Tips for a Cake-Free Finish

It was probably something you didn't even notice until you left the house or saw an unflattering photo on Facebook, but it's not a look you'll be keen to repeat. Avoid it by using these makeup tips.

Ensure You're Wearing...

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Red Lipstick Rules for Your Hair Color and Complexion

Before you race to the cosmetic counter though and grab the prettiest, most expensive or most affordable red shade you can find, there are a few red lipstick rules that you need to know first.

Rule #1: Find the...

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Easy Hair and Beauty Habits

An easy hair and beauty habit involves taking a small and simple process (for example, brushing your hair) and ensuring that you complete the process regularly. It could be every day,...

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Skin Type Consultation

Eating plenty of good food, getting some daily exercise and drinking loads of water will keep your skin nourished from the inside. To help with the outside and get your complexion pumping, however, you’ll need to establish a good skincare...

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The Right Skin Care Products for Your Skin Type

Luckily, there is help on hand.

To know what skin care products to buy, you first need to know your skin type (see our Skin Type Consultation for help). Once you know if your skin is dry, greasy,...

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6 Simple Steps to a DIY Facial

Usually when it comes to facials, most of us don't have the time or the money to splurge on this totally relaxing indulgence. But while nothing beats spending a few soothing hours in a day spa being looked after by...

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Skin Type and Hair Care Essentials

More often than not, our skin looks tired and dry and our hair is just downright unruly. And while that mostly comes down to genetics and is out of our control, there are also things that we do, such as...

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Makeup Tricks: Shaping Your Lips

Makeup isn't just for adding a splash of color to your face. It can be used to help you enhance and make the most of your natural features, including correcting any mouth or lip problems with some simple tricks.


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How to Create a Flattering Eye Shadow Look

Playing around with eye shadow is all part of the fun of using makeup, but if you really want to ensure that your eyes look their best every time you apply your makeup then creating a flattering eye shadow look...

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Blush Basics & Tips to Makeover Your Cheekbones

Blush isn't just for adding a healthy glow to your face, it also helps to bring out your cheekbones, enhance your face shape and has lots of other great uses and...

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Touch Up Tips for Makeup Mistakes

Often before applying makeup, especially if it's for a big event, we have an idea in our heads of how the finished product will look. 9 times out 10, that image looks nothing like what we planned. If this happens...