A round face requires haircuts, styles and makeup that will help to reduce the roundness and create a more flattering shape.

Round Face Shape

If you have a round face shape then you'll recognize the following characteristics:

  • Your face is pretty much the same width and length, creating a circle like shape.
  • Your forehead and jawline are approximately the same width.
  • Your chin is rounded in shape with no hard lines or angles.
  • Your jawline is round and full in shape.
  • Your forehead is wide and round at your hairline.
  • Your face is widest at your cheekbones.

All of these characteristics add up to face shape which is very much symmetrical and usually features high cheekbones, that when combined with the roundness of your face, create a youthful look!

Hairstyles to Try

  • Hairstyles with height and fullness at the crown will give the illusion of a narrower face shape, particularly those short in length.
  • Longer hairstyles or ones that are kept close to the cheeks with no width will look better.
  • Middle parts are great for creating the illusion of narrow length.
  • No bangs are the ideal as the focus point becomes the bridge of the nose, creating a more oval shape.
  • If bangs are used they should be swept across, or in the case of solid bangs, only where there is substantial height on the top.
  • Short hairstyles are great and do not suffocate small round faces.

Hairstyles to Avoid


If you like any of the following hairstyles, click on each image for more info, how to style steps, and to try on each hairstyle. You can also view TheHairStyler.com's entire range of hairstyles for round face shapes.

The Right Short Hairstyle

Halle Berry Short Straight hairstyle with height
This hairstyle adds height and makes a round face appear longer than it actually is. People with round faces need to add height not width, which is exactly what this hairstyle does.

The Wrong Short Hairstyle

Lisa Rinna Short Straight hairstyle with bangs
This hairstyle makes a face appear even rounder and wider. The bangs make the face shorter while the sides that kick out once again promote width. This is a good example of what not to wear.

The Right Medium Hairstyle

Kelly Ripa Medium Straight hairstyle
This hairstyle gives the appearance of an oval shape. The sides help slim the face down, while no bangs show off more forehead and therefore a longer shape. The off centre part helps divide the face evenly making it also appear longer rather than wider. It's a nice look!

The Wrong Medium Hairstyle

Medium hairstyle with bangs
This example shows how adding width rather than length to round face shapes is disastrous. The bangs shorten the face while the hair that kicks out only accentuates width and roundness. This is a nice hairstyle but is definitely not good for round face shapes.

The Right Long Hairstyle

Jessica Harp Long soft wavy layered hairstyle
This soft layered look is fabulous for round face shapes. The middle part helps divide her face into two longer portions while the absence of bangs doesn't compromise any vertical length. Straight hair would actually be more suitable and slimmer in design but this example shows a good indication of how shape is everything in hairstyle design.

The Wrong Long Hairstyle

long hairstyle with volume
This hairstyle shows how a round hairstyle and a round face really don't complement each other. Although having this much volume at the crown can sometimes be a good thing, this style adds width to the sides which makes the face appear larger and incredibly round. The bangs are a nice touch but cover the face up too much. It is a lovely hairstyle but it is just not suited to a round face shape.

The Right Bob Hairstyle

One of the most flattering and versatile hairstyles is the bob. It comes in all different lengths, can be worn curly, straight or wavy and there is one to suit just about everyone - all you need to know is how to choose the right one for you!

The most suitable bob hairstyles for a round face shape should feature all or some of the following:

  • A short length.
  • Choppy layers.
  • Height through the crown (to lengthen your face shape).
  • A middle hair part.
  • Side-swept bangs.
  • No bangs at all.

Short Concave Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Concave bob
A short concave bob with side-swept bangs will add length to a round face shape.

Medium Length Bob with a Middle Part

Sandra Bullock bob
A medium length bob is also suitable for a round face shape, and when teamed with a middle or center part, will create a very flattering shape for your face.

The Wrong Bob Hairstyle

To ensure your bob hairstyle is suitable for your face shape, select a bob that does not have any of the following hairstyle features:

  • Waves or curls that create a wide, round shape around your face.
  • Straight across blunt cut bangs that cut your face shape in half.
  • Chin length bobs that are straight or kicking out which will only accentuate a round face.
  • Blunt cut bobs that end at the chin as they will exaggerate the roundness of your face.

Curly, Round Shaped Bob

Curly bob
A curly bob that is round in shape will only create an even rounder look when teamed with your face shape and should be avoided.

Blunt Cut Chin Length Bob with Bangs

Rihanna bob
Avoid a blunt cut chin length bob with straight across bangs that cover your forehead. The bangs will make your round face look even shorter and the blunt length stopping at chin length will only highlight the roundness of your face shape.

Now that you know which bobs to try, and which ones to avoid, take a look at the great range of bob hairstyles that we have available in our hairstyle categories.

The Right Bangs

Bangs are perfect for adding versatility to your look and for giving your hair a makeover without sacrificing your length, but they can also make such an impact that they totally change the way you look. This is because the look, style and length of bangs have the ability to shape your face - for better or for worse.

To make the most of a round face shape, your bangs should add some much needed length and also narrow down the sides of your face to create a much more flattering face shape.

Face Framing Bangs

Face framing bangs
Long bangs that can be shaped around the perimeter of your face will add length and create a narrow line around your face.

Wispy, Side-Swept Bangs

Wispy side-swept bangs
Wispy, side-swept bangs will flatter and add softness to a round face shape without covering up too much of the shape and making the face look smaller.

The Wrong Bangs

Round face shapes can look wide and short so bangs that are going to really accentuate those types of features, such as full, blunt cut bangs which will halve the length of your face, should be avoided.

Short Bangs

Short bangs
Short bangs that stop above your eyebrows will instantly shorten the length of your face.

Straight Across Bangs

Full straight bangs
Bangs that have been blunt cut and styled straight across will shorten your round face shape.

By choosing the types of bangs that will give your round face shape a much more flattering look you can then give focus to the other features of your face, such as your eyes, really nicely shaped lips or your nose, so be sure to keep these types of bangs in mind when looking for the right bangs for you.

If you're after more options then visit our hairstyle categories for plenty of great bangs hairstyle ideas.

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