Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

Half Up Half Down hairstyles are great for every occasion, from casual like the office, to formal like weddings and proms. One of the biggest benefits of half up hairstyles (on natural curly hair) is that they are so quick to create and in most cases don't require a visit to the salon. They are super easy to style, and look great on any face shape, hair length and texture. Get inspired by these Half up, half down hairstyles from salons around the world and see which look suits you best.

Our half up hairstyles include straight and wavy/curly.

Straight Half Up Hairstyles

A straight half up hairstyle involves half of the hair (usually the top or sides) being pulled, tied, or pinned back, with the rest of the hair left out to hang down below the shoulders. Some other variations involve teasing the top for extra height or leaving side wisps to hang down. Bangs can be swept over or across or just tied back completely. This type of hairstyle can be worn everyday or ant formal events. Styling time varies depending on how much work is done to the hair and can take as little as 10 minutes for simple pinned looks, or up to 45 minutes for more intricate styles. They are generally quick and easy to put together and don’t usually require a visit to the hairstylist.

Wavy/Curly Half Up Hairstyles

A wavy or curly half up hairstyle is generally curled, pinned, tied, teased, gelled, waxed, brushed out, and lacquered into place. These looks are great for keeping the hair out of the eyes and off the face, and they also hold their shape really well and prevent moisture sending them flat and lifeless.

So check out our hairstyles below to view yourself with 165 half up hairstyles!

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