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Celebrity Children With Ridiculous Names

Gwyneth Paltrow hairstylesFor al...

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Reese Witherspoon's Vintage Hair in 5 Easy Steps

Reese Witherspoon hairstyles

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Hairstyle Personalities: What Does Your Hair Say About You?

Hairstyles speak volumes; for example, some say "sexy," some say "cute," and others say "carefree." Below are 5 examples of hairstyle personalities. If you feel like a change try one, or mix and match a couple and see what you come up with.

...

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Average is the New Black

Mariah Carey hairstyleThe buzz t...

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Luscious Lips with Staying Power

So how do you keep your lips looking luscious and your lipstick where it should be? It all comes down to preparation and application.


The first step to getting your lips into perfect pouting form is to make sure th... Read more...

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Halle Berry You Make it Bearable

Halle Berry you are a remarkable woman, actress, mother and hair guru. I want to especially thank you for making some things in my life—and many others’ lives too I... Read more...

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This Hairstyle is Emo and I Don't Care

Emo hair is a big deal, believe me, people search for “emo hairstyles” all day long and I’ve got the statistics to prove it. Now, we've got an emo hairstyles gallery, an... Read more...

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Maybe "Organic" Beauty Products Aren't a Crock After All

Natalie Portman hairstyle

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Celebrity Swimsuit Hairstyles

Recently I just couldn’t help studying, closely, a blog post about the latest swimsuit trends from the catwalk; and in an attempt to put the information to good use (rather than just ogling it) I thought it would be a good idea to make so... Read more...

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How to Have a Helpful Hair Appointment

If you’re planning a big style change with either your hair color, your hair cut, or both, the best thing to do is be prepared. That way you’ll increase the chances that you’ll end up with the style you want, a style that&rsqu... Read more...

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Center Parts will Always be Bum Parts

Center parts are back in fashion, but they'll always be “bum parts” to me. My older sister always used to tease me and give me heaps when I was a kid wearing a center part- gibing me with digs like “Nice bum part loser.”... Read more...

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Grow Up Paris & Lose Your Headband, Not

Paris Hilton hairstyles

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Home Hair Color Tips

Although nothing beats getting your hair colored at the salon, being able to color your hair at home is a real convenience and quite a cost saver. It can be a little tricky, however, so to make sure you’re getting the best results, give t... Read more...

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Matching Your Face Shape, Hair and Sunglasses

Sunglasses, just like your hair, need to suit your face shape. I just lost my new Raybans but I'm looking on the bright side and seeing it as an excuse to get a new pair that actually look good on me. Here are some tips for matching you... Read more...

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Dita Von Teese, You're a Hair Goddess

Dita Von Teese hairstylesDita Von Teese, you are a hair goddess. I have never seen your hair anything but immaculate. And ... Read more...

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