Edgy Undercut Hairstyles and Haircuts For Women

Undercuts are haircuts that are edgy. In general, the back and sides are buzzed cut very short, while the hair on top is kept long and is parted on the side or center.

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Ariana DeBose Black Pixie Haircut

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Ariana Debose is sharing with us a gorgeous short hairstyle that is to die for! It might take you some time to get used to this look, but if you...

Halsey Layered Black Pixie Haircut with Layered Bangs

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This alternative hairstyle that Halsey is sharing with us is a style that we did not know we needed until now! The style screams edgy and it is thanks to...

Pink Short Straight Light Platinum Blonde Undercut Hairstyle

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This platinum blonde hairstyle is clipper cut short around the sides and back while the top is left longer for shape and height making it perfect to compliment a round...

Miley Cyrus Short Straight Light Blonde Undercut Hairstyle

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This bold do is clipper cut through the back and sides to achieve an undercut style. The top length is left long and worn up for height and shape making...

Pink Short Straight Light Blonde Undercut Hairstyle

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The back and sides of this cool 'do is clipper cut short and close to the head while the top length is smoothed back adding height and shape. This is...

Rihanna Long Black Waves With Shaved Sides

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Rihanna is known for her bold hair colors, super-edgy clothes (or lack of) and equally eye-catching makeup to match. Here, we see a more relaxed Rihanna in refreshingly simple hair...

Rihanna Long Glamorous Black Waves

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This long glamorous hairstyle is dressed in elegant waves through the sides and back adding plenty of shape and movement to this style best suited to balance out a long...

Laurieann Gibson Long Wavy Black Hairstyle

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These naturally dark locks are styled in to waves through the mid-lengths to ends for bounce and shape. One side is shaved short maintaining a neat finish up and over...

Meagan Good Short Wavy Black Hairstyle

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<p>Meagan Good was spotted on the red carpet looking stunning as ever. Wearing a pewter-hued satin gown and sparkling diamond earrings, Meagan looked every inch the glamorous movie star, topped...

Rihanna Short Golden Blonde Undercut 'Do

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Another head-turning hairstyle from Rihanna. This bold hairstyle is shaved underneath with only length left through the top. This hairstyle is strictly only for the brave.

Rihanna Bold Undercut Faux Hawk

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Rihanna turned heads once again with bold hairstyle. The sides and back were clipper cut short while the top was left longer for contrast and added the "wow" factor to...

Rihanna Undercut Hairstyle With Wavy Top

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Rihanna once again stunned onlookers with a new hairstyle. Her trade mark short textured crop was worn up in waves through the top, and the sides were slicked-back showing once...