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Sarah Hyland's Hairstyles For Heart Faces

Actress Sarah Hyland is instantly recognizable with her long locks, large green eyes and that adorable heart shaped face. Sarah always has her hair and makeup styled to perfection, making the most of her large eyes and doll-like

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Bad Hair Comes at a Cost

Yeah I hate rich stars who can't be bothered paying some of their "hard earned" salaries for a decent hairstyle; or even worse, when they spend too much money in the wrong place for totally bad...

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Music Review: Rihanna - A Girl Like Me

Rihanna first burst onto the charts in 2005 with her reggae inspired dance track 'Pon de Replay' and debut album Music of the Sun and less than a year later lit up the charts again with another dance hit in...

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Meg Ryan's Hair Teaches a Valuable Lesson

The valuable lesson is this: when you're onto a good thing, stick to it. Meg has basically had the same hairstyle her whole Hollywood career, so much so that "Meg Ryan hair" has pretty much become a classic hair style...

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Ming-Na Wen's Hairstyle and Makeup for Asian Women

It's hard to believe that Macau-born American actress Ming-Na Wen is 49 years old-- most people would guess that she is still in her twenties! In addition to being a youthful beauty, Ming-Na has...

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Wispy Cuts vs. Straight Cuts

Scarlett Johansson

This silky straight 'do is the perfect style and shape for Scarlett and makes great use of her diamond face shape. Because the top sections of her hair have been...

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Rihanna, Friends and Hairstyle Trends

Some things just keep coming back: spinning round and round. That's what I realised when I was sitting in my local cafe and flipping through a magazine looking at big glossy pictures of Katie Holmes and Rihanna. What's...

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Miley Cyrus vs. Selena Gomez in Survivor: Teen Celebrity

Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez are teen sensations on top of the world and at each other's throats. Who wouldn't feel a bit of healthy competition? I mean they're both Disney starlets competing for the spotlight, with blossoming singing...

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How to Get a "Cool" Hairstyle like Victoria Beckham Risk Free

Do it, get one for yourself, but here's my biggest piece of advice: use a virtual hairstyler first! No matter how "cool" a hairstyle is, if it doesn't suit you, well... it just doesn't suit you. (If you're interested...

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Gwyneth Paltrow's Bob Haircut's Great

Gwynnie's blog's called Goop and it's basically about her sharing her life experiences with us so that we can live the best lives possible. She writes: "My life is good because I am...

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Rihanna Hairstyle Ideas

She may have become famous for her hit songs, but Rihanna has become well known for her trend setting hair cuts and styles. When she went from long flowing locks to a short, sassy bob, the world took...

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Taylor Swift Hairstyle Ideas

Taylor Swift has really morphed into a hair, fashion and beauty icon in the last couple of years. Although Taylor was always a stunner, as she gets older her style keeps going from strength to strength.

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Claire Danes Hairstyle Ideas

Homeland actress Claire Danes has never been one for ultra long, glamorous styles on or off the red carpet. In fact, she has worn a simple, chic bob for most of her time in the celebrity spotlight. We all remember...

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Christine Teigen Hairstyle Ideas

American model Christine Teigen, first shot to fame as a Sports Illustrated model, and is now also known as Mrs. John Legend in addition to all of her other titles including actress, cook and writer. Christine is famous for her...

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Jessica Szohr Hairstyle Ideas

Gossip Girl actress Jessica Szohr has one of the most striking looks in Hollywood, thanks to her dark hair, piercing blue eyes and fabulous bone structure. This 29 year old actress knows what works for her face shape but isn’t...

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Paula Abdul: A Hairstyle History

Paula Abdul has been a regular on the red carpet for years now, so it’s no surprise she has honed her hair and makeup to perfection. Paula isn’t one of the most daring women when it comes to trying out...

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Bai Ling Hairstyle Ideas

Bai Ling has always gotten a bad rap on the red carpet. While yes, she has displayed large amounts of crazy in her hair, makeup and fashion sense over the years, you can’t deny that at least she knows how...

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Rachel Melvin Hairstyle Ideas

Soap beauty Rachel Melvin has got it going on both on and off the TV screen. She is a red carpet regular and always gets great coverage when she attends events due to her fabulous sense of fashion and of...

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Elle Fanning Hairstyle Ideas

Elle Fanning stepped out on the red carpet recently in dramatically dark tresses, which turned heads for all the right reasons! Elle, like her sister Dakota, is known for her very fair hair and complexion, so this new look was...

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Eva Longoria: A Hairstyle History

Sexy actress Eva Longoria has never had a hair fail that we can think of, nor has she ever sported a cringe-worthy look—both on and off the red carpet. Eva is one of those...

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Halle Berry's Hairstyles: Then and Now

For years, Halle Berry has been the go-to girl for women who want short and sassy hairstyle ideas. She is the queen of the messy windblown look and has always...

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Celebrity Red Carpet Hairstyle Fails

It's that time again! Time to look at the worst hairstyles to hit the red carpet recently and the celebrities who unfortunately, were caught wearing them. Usually this all comes down to bad styling and really isn't the celeb's fault,...

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Katie Holmes' Hairstyles. What's your Verdict?

Who would have guessed that Katie Holmes would cause such a stir with a few layers and a new fringe? Although she made a minor change to her 'do, it gained her a lot...

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Jennifer Garner Hairstyle Ideas

Jennifer Garner recently stepped out looking as youthful and radiant as ever, so there's no better time to do a hair spotlight on this leading lady. Jennifer has always maintained a sophisticated, yet girl-next-door...

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2014 Oscar Hairstyles: Who Styled It Better?

Celebrities pull out all the stops for Hollywood's night of nights, so you can always expect to see some spectacular looks on the red carpet. This year's Oscars was no exception, and we've compared some of the best looks to...

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Holly Hunter and her Fabulous Hair at Fifty-Five

Would you guess that Holly Hunter is 55 just by looking at her? Chances are most people wouldn't. Holly looks fabulous with a glowing complexion and just look at that

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David Beckham: Hairstyles of a Celebrity Trendsetter

I don't have the best memory for sport, but one thing I always remember is David Beckham's Mohawk hairstyle during the 2002 FIFA World Cup. And you know what else I remember? All those wannabe Beckhams running around with the...

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Hairstyles Gallery: Pictures from the MTV Video Music Awards, 2008

Last week I said that before Miley Cyrus attends the MTV Video Music Awards she really needs to pick up her game and improve her hairstyle. Oh, and I said the same about Taylor Swift and Britney Spears (and 4...

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Celebrity Hairstyle Rehab

It seems like every week a new celebrity lands in rehab after turning away from the realities of life and falling into a destructive pattern of drinking and drugs. Not only does this wreak havoc on their life and career,...

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Hairstyles Gallery: Pictures from the Emmys, 2008

At TheHairstyler.com we like debate- you know, going head to head with someone when you don't quite agree with their opinion. Recently Sue and Roger went head to head talking about short hair, and today two of our most respected...

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Hairstyles Review for 20 April 2007

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly stepped out with this glamorous look at the 24th Annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards and made quite an impression. Her shoulder length bob was cut with straight, blunt edges to create...

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Hairstyles from American Idol

Kelly Clarkson

Roy's Opinion

Since winning Idol back in 2002, Kelly seems to have gone full circle with her hair color back to a dark, mocha brown. I like dark hair on Kelly, it...

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Hair ain't an Issue for These "Sexy" (Old) Men

Most of the guys on the list are over 30, and even 40, and there's nothing particularly stylish about them. How many women do you see at that age rated as "sexy"? Hardly any. Or even appearing in movies? Basically...

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Carrie Underwood's Bang Hairstyles

We Love Carrie

Carrie Underwood always looks fantastic- there's absolutely no doubt about it. And her fans just love her. If you don't believe me, flip through some of...

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Boohoo for the Olsen Twins' "Boho Chic" Wavy Hairstyles

I know what it is: they always look so sour and miserable. Sometimes I just can't believe it. There they are, sitting in the front row of some exciting fashion show at the Louvre in...

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Stana Katic Hairstyles For Square Face Shapes

Actress Stana Katic is best known for her role in the series "Castle", but she also gets a lot of recognition off-screen too for her gorgeous looks and classic sense of style. Stana is of Croatian and Serbian descent, which...

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Hairstyles from the Academy Awards 2015

The glitz and glamour of the Academy Awards is an annual event that's not to be missed. Even if you aren't a movie buff, it's worth tuning in just to see the best hair, makeup and fashion in Hollywood paraded...

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Sami Gayle's Short Hairstyle Ideas

If you love Blue Bloods actress Sami Gayle's short hairstyles, you've come to the right place. Today we are rounding up all of her best short 'dos to give you some style inspiration.

Eighteen year old Sami...

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How to Get Khloe Kardashian's Hairstyles

It's hard to decide which Kardashian sister has the best hair, but it's safe to say that Khloe definitely has the most edgy, rock star vibe of them all. Her hair is always a little messy looking (in a good...

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Jennifer Aniston: New Movie, Classic Hair (For Goodness Sake!)*


hiya! it's been waaay too long honey... Anyhow, just a quickie ("quickie" lol!) to ask you a big favor... Darling, it's about Jen- Jennifer Aniston.

I'm sorry to have to say this...

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Short Hair Cuts: Celebrity Hair Style Trends

One celebrity hair trend we've been seeing a lot of lately is a great new range of short hair cuts, and it's easy to see why!

The new breed of short cuts have been made feminine with long textured strands...

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Miley Cyrus: Bad Attitude or Bad Hair?

Aside from her latest media appearances, I can think of two things about Miley that get the most hype: the (underage) sexualized images of her all over the place, and her hairstyles....

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The Emmys: A Great Place to Find a Date

The Emmys are for losers and they're boring. There's the opinion out there that the Emmys are the poor man's Oscars- in other words, that all the TV stars that go to the Emmys and compete for the awards are...

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High School Musical 3 Hairstyles

So I thought I'd do something a bit different in my coverage of High School Musical 3. We love the stars from the movie, and we think their hair is great, so we're going to explain the "ins and the...

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Celebrity Hairstyle Pictures: The Paparazzi's Bloodsport

I've spent a lot of money, and I'm sure you have too, going to the movies, buying magazines, CDs, DVDs, fragrances, books and stuff like that, so I don't hesitate when getting my pound...

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Tyra Banks' Hair Styles Make the Woman

I talked to 6 of her different hairstyles and found out what makes Tyra tick.

Sports Illustrated Hairstyle

Tyra's hairstyles told me the following...

My epitaph would say this:

Ha ha! That's kind...

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Beverly Hills 90210 and Celebrity Hairstyles Over the Hill

What makes stars, or anyone for that matter, "age better"? Is it less wrinkles, "cooler" fashion sense, more stylish hair?

The reason Jennie and some of the...

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Kelly Osbourne's Hairstyle Fail for Triangle Face Shapes

Kelly Osbourne is definitely one to experiment with her hair and makeup, which is always a good thing. But lately, she has been way off the mark with her hairstyles, as seen in this...

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Hairstyles Gallery: Pictures from the Grammys, 2008

At TheHairStyler.com, we're into hair-I suppose you could say we're hair addicts. And what better place to check out great hair than this year's Grammy Awards ceremony, a night celebrating the past, present and up-and-coming of the music industry. There...

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Celebrity Hair Interview: Elaine Hendrix

Best known for Disney's The Parent Trap and the cult classic Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion, actress Elaine Hendrix is just as versatile with her hair as she is with...