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Nikki Reed Hairstyles For Oval-Square Face Shapes

Most women think that you can only have one face shape, but that isn't true! Twilight actress and screenwriter Nikki Reed is the perfect example of an oval-square face shape. While her face does have elements of a classic oval...

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Chelsea Kane Hairstyles for a Heart Face Shapes

Heart-shaped faces are characterized by being wider at the brow area and narrow at the chin. Usually, ladies with a heart-shaped face will have gorgeous cheekbones and a tiny, but prominent chin. Celebs like Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Love Hewitt...

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Ashanti's Evening Hairstyle And Makeup

Where has Ashanti been hiding lately? She seems to have dropped off the red carpet radar, but thankfully she was back on top form recently flaunting a look that was 100% A-List. Ashanti fans will no doubt love to copy...

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How to Get Sofia Coppola's Look

Uber cool screenwriter, director, producer and actress Sofia Coppola is one lady who has her own unique look and sense of style. Men and women alike are desperate to copy her effortlessly cool style and of course, it doesn’t hurt...

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How to get Maddie Hasson's Hair and Makeup

Eighteen-year-old Maddie Hasson has got a great head of hair to work with, not to mention a fabulous face for a makeup canvas! While she usually goes for natural looks, here she has chosen a slightly darker makeup palette and...

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6 Hairstyling Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Hairstyle

So why after a few weeks does your hair suddenly look limp, dull and greasy?

It's called styling sabotage and unfortunately it's most likely you that is causing all the problems.

Styling Mistake #1 - Not Rinsing Out Shampoo And...

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Mature Hairstyle Myths

While you've hopefully learned from past hairstyle mistakes and won't be sporting the stripy, zebra-like highlights from your 20's again now that your older and wiser, it doesn't mean you have...

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Hairstyles For Your Oblong Face Shape: Short, Medium And Long

An oblong face shape is longer than it is wide and needs hairstyles that will help to flatter the length of the face and ensure it doesn't get exaggerated further.

For an idea about the types of hairstyles you should...

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Hairstyles For Your Triangular Face Shape: Short, Medium And Long

If your face shape is triangular then it means that your face is narrow at the cheekbones and up through the temples, but very wide and bottom heavy through the dominant jaw line.

Hairstyles that will balance out the two...

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Hairstyles For Your Heart Face Shape: Short, Medium And Long

Those with a heart face shape will recognize the characteristics of a narrow jaw line paired with either wide cheekbones or a wide forehead. A pointy chin is also a trademark of a heart shaped face.

Hairstyles that are...

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Hairstyles For Your Square Face Shape: Short, Medium And Long

A square face shape is instantly recognizable by its strong, square shaped jaw line and hairline. Hairstyles that will soften the hard angles of the face (such as curly hairdos) and add length will typically work best.

For an idea...

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Hair Makeover: Hairstyle Consultation for Members- Diana


Name: Diana
Face Shape: heart
Complexion: peaches and cream
Eye Color: blue
Hair Texture: thin
Hair Density: medium
Hair Elasticity: straight

Diana is looking for a style that is...

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Hair Makeover: Hairstyle Consultation for Members- Sue


Name: Sue
Face Shape: diamond
Complexion: fair to light
Eye Color: blue
Hair Texture: thin
Hair Density: medium
Hair Elasticity: straight

Sue has told us that she's after a...

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Hair Makeover: Hairstyle Consultation for Members- Cree


Name: Cree
Face Shape: oblong
Complexion: dark
Eye Color: brown
Hair Texture: medium
Hair Density: medium
Hair Elasticity: wavy/curly

Cree wrote to us and told us that...

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Hair Makeover: Hairstyle Consultation for Members- Penny


Name: Penny
Face Shape: oval
Complexion: peaches & cream
Eye Color: brown
Hair Texture: medium
Hair Density: medium
Hair Elasticity: wavy

Penny has asked us to go over 5 of...

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Hair Makeover: Hairstyle Consultation for Members- David


Name: David
Face Shape: oblong
Complexion: white
Eye Color: blue
Hair Texture: medium
Hair Density: medium to thick
Hair Elasticity: straight
Current hair length: short to medium


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Short Hairstyles To Suit Your Face Shape

Going short can be a big hairstyling decision and there are lots of factors involved in taking the plunge, the most important being that you choose a...

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Fabulous Bangs That Suit You!

One of the easiest ways to give your look a boost without dramatically changing your hair color or chopping off your locks is to try out some bangs.

Not only will bangs update...

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Tips For A Flattering Mature Hairstyle

As we age, our hair changes and the hairstyles that once looked great on us may no longer suit the way we look or how we feel. But it is possible to find a look that ages just as gracefully...

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Hairstyles From Australian Fashion Week

Joh Bailey was chosen for the Alex Perry show and did a wonderful job for the designing icon. Brad Ngata was there for quite a few of the shows and his team was picked to make wonderful creations for Azzollini,...

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How to Avoid a Bad Haircut

The key to always having a great haircut is having a great stylist that you are comfortable with and who makes you feel at ease.

Researching online is an easy way to find a salon and/or stylist. Asking your friends...

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Hair Care Basics

Hair Care Basic # 1: Nourishing Your Hair

Eating a diet full of fresh food is essential for giving your locks the nourishment that they need and will make your hair more manageable.

Protein (eggs, lean meat, fish, dairy products...

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Blow-Drying Like a Professional

By following our easy steps and tips, you'll be blow-drying like a pro in no time!

What You'll Need

Freshly shampooed and conditioned hair A towel A wide-tooth comb Straightening balm Sectioning clips A round brush

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How to Wear Your Hair When You're Growing It Out

Here at, there is help at hand, and we can show you what hairstyles you can wear when growing out your fabulous cut!

When growing out your hair, the first thing to remember is that looking after your hair...

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What To Do When You End Up With a Bad Hairstyle

Give It A Chance

The cut may be too short, the color may be all wrong and the perm may be more frizz than fab but you need to give your hair time to settle in. Any changes to your...

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Hair Extensions

What Are They?

Hair extensions are pieces of hair (either real or synthetic) that are added to a persons' real hair. Human hair is the best type to use to extend length or add thickness, while synthetic hair is great...

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Mod Hairstyles

"Mod hairstyles" or "modern hairstyles": the terms probably make you think of the 60s and sleek bob hairstyles and the Beatles and skinny suits and stuff like that. And if you're the perceptive type, you might have...

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Layered Hairstyles For Square Face Shapes

Everyone's face shape is generally either oval, round, square, diamond, triangle, heart or oblong, and different haircuts and hairstyles suit each face shape differently (if you're unsure of your face shape then try our free face shape...

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Curly Hair Cured!

People with curly hair seem to have a tough time. If you don't have curly hair, do some research: curlies can get frustrated with their curls because they're so hard to style; as kids curlies are regularly the targets of...

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Bob Hairstyles That Will Look Great On Anyone

It's true what they say: that bob hairstyles are genuinely versatile hairstyles and almost anyone can wear a well cut bob. Ask any hair stylist and I'm sure they'll agree, and they'll probably also say too that the bob...

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Best Hairstyles 2008: Who are the Hair Icons?

There were lots of great hairstyles in 2008, including Katie Holmes' bob, Victoria Beckham's crop and Kim Kardashian's luscious waves. Some of these hairstyles were really influential too- and some more than others. We've chosen a selection of...

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