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Heather Tom Hairstyles - From Blonde to Brown

Soap opera actress Heather Tom has been on TV forever, and for much of that time she was strutting her stuff as a blonde. More recently however, Heather has been making the transition from light to dark ever so gradually,...

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The Best and the Worst 2013 VMA Hairstyles

Whether you watched the Video Music Awards or not, chances are you heard about his year’s annual event, thanks to Miley Cyrus’ twerking (can anyone say “cringe!”?) Career-ruining performances aside, of course in addition to the music there was the...

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Jenny McCarthy - A Style Regression?

Oh Jenny. The harsh black eyeliner with glossy red lipstick. The blush. The super-cleavage. And those paint-in highlights. Have we gone back in time to the Nineties?! Jenny is no shrinking violet and has always had a wacky sense of...

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Blow-Wave Basics: Hairstyling Tips for a Professional Finish at Home

Anyone who has had their hair professionally blow-waved at the salon knows how great the result can be. It makes your hair look sleek, shiny and healthy and can last for days. So how do...

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Shaved Hairstyles Inspired by Rihanna

If you want an edgy look that adds some funk to your style but isn't too out there then these short and long shaved hairstyle ideas from Rihanna are the perfect options to consider.


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Styling Solutions for a Bad Haircut

Anyone who is a regular visitor to the salon knows that not every haircut goes to plan. Every now and then you'll end up with a cut that just doesn't suit what you wanted. When that happens, use these styling...

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Curling Wand Tips

A curling wand is similar to a curling iron, but makes it much easier to create loose, relaxed curls and waves in your hair, no matter the length. To find out the best way to make use of this fantastic...

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Mastering the Art of Curls!

Whether it’s to spruce up a natural curl or to take your naturally straight hair in a whole new direction, adding curls to your hair is a makeover trick that...

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Anti-Aging Hair Tips

While you’re only as old or as young as you feel, sometimes the way we cut, color, care for and style our hair can create a look that ages us beyond...

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How to Stop Your Hairstyle from Aging You

While there are lots of things you can’t control about getting older, there are some things that you can control and those include your hairstyle. The wrong cut or color can add years to your look, just as the

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Hair Tips: Making Your Hairstyle Last

Good, solid hairstyling and hair prep will not only give you a great hairstyle result, it will also give you a hairstyle that stays in place when you need it to. To ensure your hairdo will last, give these

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New Year Hair Resolutions

If you let great hair fall by the wayside last year, then kick off the New Year with some hair resolutions that will ensure your locks look healthy and your hairstyles will be varied, fun and easy-to-style!


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Short Haircut Advice: What to Think About Before Getting the Chop

Whether it’s for ease of styling or because you want to update your look, going short is not a haircut choice that should be taken lightly, so we’ve put...

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Casual Short Crops

Women choose to go short for many different reasons--minimal styling time, easy upkeep and practicality are just a few reasons why crop hairstyles and pixie cuts are so popular. Short haircuts bring all of the attention to the face, which...

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Short Hair Special: Who Says Short Hair isn't Versatile?

But before I do I'm going to give you some basic short hair tips. If you're about to cut your hair short, it's a good idea to go for a short hair style with longer layers through the top,...

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Elegant Updo Hairstyles

Elegant means effective yet simple; something that is elegant is refined and has the quality of effortless beauty. A ballet dancer is elegant, a belly dancer is not; a simple white gold Rolex is elegant, a diamond encrusted one is...

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Vacation Hairstyles for Different Cities

Victoria Beckham knows about certain places and their styles- noting LA's "laid-back" style in comparison to Britain's more dressy and posh "school teacher" look. I wish I realized the same sort of thing a few years back before I...

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You Want a Hair Cut That Looks Casual?

Jessica Alba has a reputation for looking great even when she's at her most casual. And so do Ashley Olsen, Selma Blair and Gwyneth...

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How Your Relationship With Your Hairstylist Affects Your Hairdo

Relationship Status: You Change Your Hairstylist After Every Visit

So why do you change your hairstylist after every visit? Do you like to experiment with different people and salons or are you afraid of them getting to know you? Changing...

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A Makeover is a Real Big Change

A makeover is a significant change in your appearance. Makeovers can make you feel great and they can be just the change you're looking for; but sometimes it can be a little hard to take the steps and know when...

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Hair Makeovers in 10 Minutes!

Short Hair Straight Short: Get Funky

Follow Cate Blanchett's example and make your straight short hairstyle a little bit more slick and funky. This is a super low maintenance haircut, and all it...

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How to Use Hair Straighteners

Straightening your hair or creating Curls and Flicks can be difficult and also very damaging. So, has put together a step-by-step guide to help you get the best results while doing minimal damage to your hair.


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"Emo Hair Changed My Life," Jared Leto*

Voice Over: Welcome to Late Night Hair- your non-stop around the clock celebrity hair spotting talk show wrap up weekly wrap with Roger D. First up on tonight's show is legendary thespian actor...

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Women's Hairstyles Through the Ages

Thinking about different periods in history and their different women's hairstyles is a great way to think about the way women's hairstyles have evolved. But most importantly, different hairstyles through the ages are an excellent source of...

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The Shag Haircut

The shag haircut is a relaxed and layered haircut. It's related to some popular hairstyle trends such as Farrah Fawcett's long layered hairstyle of the 70s and Susie Quatro's...

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Hairdos in a Hurry: Short, Medium and Long

For those days, or the days when you want to pull yourself out of your styling rut, we've found some medium hairdos that will work with your natural hair texture and length to give you a look that...

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Classic Hairstyles Famous for Changing the World

The 60's

Back in the 1960s, when womens' hairstyles were a bit conservative and simple, Vidal Sassoon did something really exciting. With some great foresight and a few well-placed snips of his scissors, he made the bob a massive hit....

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Party Straight Strands: Hair Styling Tips

There's nothing worse than spending hours styling your strands super straight only to have them frizz up and kink halfway through the night. So for a straight strand party look with...

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Party Curls: Hair Styling Tips

There's nothing worse than spending hours styling your hair into gorgeous curls only to have them fall flat halfway through the night. So for a party look with staying power, we've put together the best...

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How to Get Bed Head Curls

Natural curls, bed head curls, boho hair, no matter what you call it, soft and feminine curls will always be a hairstyling trend that gets bigger and better every year, and it's not hard to see why!

The look...

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The Nape Knot: Emmy Hairstyles 2008 Signature Look

What is the Nape Knot?

The nape knot is a very simple hairstyle because all that's involved is pulling back the sides and top tightly and tying them into a knot with a small band at the nape of the...

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Layered Hair Tips

Layers are an ideal way to balance out your face shape. They can soften heavy jawlines, add width to narrow faces and make rounder faces appear longer. They will also give you an idea of how you will look with...

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African American Hairstyles: Hair Weave

A hair weave is a hair extension that is weaved into existing natural hair. It's a popular hairstyling method especially among African American women because it's an easy and effective way to try a different look without having to use...

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Hair Straightener Tips for Salon Straight Hair at Home

When it comes to a polished, sleek, and shiny look, perfectly straight hair is the hairstyle to have.

Anyone who has seen a celebrity strutting straight locks on the red carpet,...

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Men's Slicked Back Side Parts

If you want a men's hair style that's up to date, then check out these pictures of the slicked back side part look and get one yourself. But before you do, I think there are a few things you...

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Hairstyles for Afro American Women

We’re back with the hottest hairstyles for Afro-American Women. From long to short, straight to wavy, there really is something fabulous for every woman out there. Here’s some of the top ‘dos that we’ve seen recently on the red carpet—check...

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The Best Hairstyles For Triangular Face Shapes

If you have a triangular face shape, you'll know that there are some challenges when it comes to finding the right hairstyle. Triangle faces have a chin and jawline area that is wider than the forehead and cheek area. (Note:...

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The Best Hairstyles For Diamond Face Shapes

Diamond shaped faces can pull off a variety of hairstyles, but there are some that are definitely more flattering than others. The typical diamond face shape is narrower at the forehead and chin and wider at the cheekbones. The forehead...

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Hairstyles For Your Round Face Shape: Short, Medium And Long

A round face shape is characterized by a round chin and hairline, a width and length that are the same and wide cheekbones.

To really make the most of this type of face shape, try choosing hairstyles that will flatter...

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Celebrity Hairstyles That Suit Heart-Shaped Faces

If you have a face that is wider at the brow and narrower at the chin, then you have the classic heart shaped face. You will want to find something that flatters your prominent cheekbones while softening up the chin...

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Viewer Trend Report: June 2014

We love posting these reports because it shows what women really want when it comes to their hair. No matter what the magazines, TV shows and other media forms tell us what is hot right now in the world of...

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Viewer Trend Report- May 2014

It's that time again! Time to check out the most popular hairstyles of the month, as chosen by you. This year we started out with short and sensible hairstyles being the favoured looks, however...

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Haircut Ideas and Where to Find Them

There are so many options for a new haircut, and since this is the case- since the possibilities seem endless- it can feel like an almost impossible task. So to make it easier here's a simple guide to what you...

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Viewer Trend Report: April's Hottest Hairstyles

So far this year, the most viewed hairstyles on have gone from short and sensible in January to flirty and feminine in February. March's most popular 'dos were variations of the wavy bob—a perfect springtime hairdo. So, what was...

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Salon Appointment Tips for a Great Hairstyle Result

Whether your salon visits happen every few years, or as part of a monthly scheduled appointment, there are a few tips that you can use that will help you to get the most out of every

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Curl Keeping Hair Secrets

Curly hairstyles will always be in fashion and can give you some very feminine looks that are suitable from everything to a

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Hairstyle Change Rules: What to Consider Before Getting a New Hairdo

The wrong type of haircut, a hair color that looks disastrous, or bangs that make you look way too old or way too young are just some of the

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Layered Haircuts and Tips for Curly Hair

Some of the downsides of a curly hair type can be the lack of definition in the curls, hair frizz and not being able to control and style your curls in...

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Conservative Hairstyles

Choosing a conservative hairstyle may seem like an easy process, but in reality it can be difficult to find a style that is professional looking yet still stylish. Many women make the unfortunate mistake of going for a dowdy,

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Maria Menounos Hair And Makeup For Olive Skin

You can't deny that television presenter Maria Menounos is a true beauty, but she also has brains - and brawn! Yes, you read correctly. This former beauty queen is a regular on the pro wrestling circuit as well as a...