It may not be Valentine's Day, but don't let that stop you from wearing a romantic hairstyle every now and then! Romantic hairstyles take their inspiration from bygone eras and are usually embellished with soft curls or waves, twists or rolls and other styling features that give them a classic, timeless elegance.

When to Wear Romantic Hairstyles
You can wear these hairstyles whenever you please. They work for both day and night, although you can certainly embellish them for a fancier evening look by adjusting your makeup and outfit, plus you have the option of adding flowers, jewels and other accoutrements. Some of the best occasions to wear a romantic hairstyle are:

  • On a date
  • To a wedding
  • To a cocktail party
  • A reunion
  • For a graduation
  • And anywhere else you want to flaunt a timeless, ultra-feminine and elegant look!

Now, let's check out some of the best romantic hairstyles below. Click on the photos to see more views and try the hairstyle on!

Low and Loose Knot
If you are craving a sweet and seductive hairstyle for more formal occasions, a low and loose knot is ideal. This hairstyle can be created on medium to long hair, and looks best with some waves and curls added in. The key to perfecting this look is to keep it loose. Secure your knot/chignon at the nape of the neck either at the back or side.

Jennifer Lawrence Casual Updo

Jennifer Lawrence looks elegant in a low knot that has been wrapped into place at the back of the neck. Jennifer works with her hair's naturally wavy texture here, leaving it loose so her waves can poke out and frame her face. The windblown finish is gorgeous and gives Jen an ethereal look.

Jessica Alba Long Straight Updo

Jessica Alba perfects the low knot look here and goes for a edgier vibe by teasing her straight hair for a textured, pokey finish. This is a great option for women with straight hair who want to flaunt a chic yet elegant and romantic hairstyle.

Julianne Hough Medium Wavy Updo

Julianne Hough's romantic hairstyle gives new meaning to the term 'loose' here, as her platinum blonde locks are barely held in place at the nape of her neck with pins while her ends poke out, showing off her gorgoues waves. This is a youthful and fresh take on the romantic low knot look.

Silky Waves
If you fancy wearing your locks down and want to give off a romantic look, opt for perfectly coiffed waves that have been brushed through with a paddle brush for a smooth and silky finish. The key to perfecting this look is to keep the waves cohesive (rather than piece them out), and make sure your ends are curled too (rather than have them pokey like a beach-wave look).

Vicky Pattison Long Wavy Hairstyle

Vicky Pattison shows off her silky caramel waves here with fabulous results. This romantic hairstyle can be achieved by using large velcro rollers and brushing the hair out with a paddle brush to finish.

Constance Wu Long Wavy Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs

Here, Constance Woo goes for a deep side part and voluminous silky waves for a stunning look. Her jet black locks look healthy, shiny and ultra romantic. Try using bobby pin at the side of the head to create a side-swept fringe look as Constance has done here.

Aishwarya Rai Long Wavy Hairstyle

Aishwarya Rai goes for big, voluminous silky waves here with showstopping results. Her center part and outwards-facing curls gives this romantic hairstyle a beautiful sweeping look.

Crown of Braids
This hairstyle is more time-consuming to create but the results are well worth it. A crown of braids is a stunning way to create a romantic look with a touch of royal flair added in! This will work best on long hair but a braided crown can be added to shorter hair lengths by using a pre-made hairpiece. Embellish this look with flowers for a bohemian chic look.

Bar Paly Long Straight Braided Updo

Bar Paly looks amazing here in her golden braided crown. This crown sits towards the back of the head allowing the bangs and layers in the front to frame her face and complete this look magnificently. The whole 'do has been done in a loose style for a soft and feminine finish.

Rita Ora Long Curly Braided Updo

Rita Ora sweeps her icy blonde locks into a gorgeous crown braid here with fabulous results. Rita has used long hair pieces mixed with her natural hair to create a double row of braids at the crown of the head. Rather than leave some tendrils of hair out around the face, she has swept all of her hair up for a clean and polished look.

Matilda Lutz Long Straight Updo with Side Swept Bangs

Matilda Lutz looks lovely here with her brunette locks swept up and braided into a crown. She has left her side-swept bangs out to frame her eyes, plus some longer wavy pieces around the face and ears for a soft and elegant finish.

Rolls, Braids and Twists
Rolls and twists are a quick and easy way to sweep the hair back into a flawless romantic hairstyle. To create this look, use your normal parting and then braid, twist or roll each side back and secure into place. You can get creative with this type of romantic hairstyle and tuck flowers, accessories or jewels in for extra flair. Wavy and curly hair is ideal for these types of romantic hairstyles.

Emily Blunt Medium Wavy Updo

Emily Blunt looks gorgeous here in this low, rolled hairstyle that shows off her wavy blonde locks. She has added a golden hair accessory and diamante headband for a flawless finish.

Katherine McNamara Long Wavy Updo

Katherine McNamara perfects the romantic look here with long, flowing waves and loose braids at the crown. This semi-updo looks gorgeous and is a fabulous way to show off her long, wavy locks. The braids can be replaced with rolls or twists if desired.

Jen Lilley Long Wavy Hairstyle

Jen Lilley combines two romantic looks into one here with this hairstyle- silky waves with a twist! Her auburn locks have been waved then brushed through for a glossy finish, with the front section twisted and pinned to one side. This hairstyle is a great option for ladies who want a romantic look with a vintage vibe.

Tips and Tricks
If you need some styling help for these looks, you can check out these video tutorials for some helpful tips and tricks.