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How to Style Your Bangs When They Are Growing Out

So, you’ve reached the point where you are sick of maintaining your fringe and you are ready for a new look. Maybe you have decided to let... Read more...

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Coco Rocha Hairstyles and Makeup

Coco Rocha is one of the hottest models around at the moment. With her strong bone structure and almost androgynous looks, it’s not hard t... Read more...

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Ashanti’s Evening Hairstyle and Makeup

Where has Ashanti been hiding lately? She seems to have dropped off the red carpet radar, but thankfully she was back on top form recently flaun... Read more...

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Aubrey Plaza Hairstyles and Makeup

Aubrey Plaza is an American actress who is best known for her deadpan-style of comedy. This half-Puerto Rican, half-Irish beauty has featured on... Read more...

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Brittany Snow: A Hairstyle History

American actress Brittany Snow is always changing up her hairstyle and experimenting with her color. Although she is known for her long light bl... Read more...

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Short Hairstyles on the Red Carpet

Is it time for you to update your hairstyle? Whether you have long hair and are considering the big chop, or you already have short hair and j... Read more...

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How to get Maddie Hasson’s Hair and Makeup

Eighteen-year-old Maddie Hasson has got a great head of hair to work with, not to mention a fabulous face for a makeup canvas! While she usually... Read more...

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Paz Vega's Hairstyles and Makeup

Paz Vega is stunning, plain and simple. This Spanish actress looks years younger than 37 yet still oozes class and sophistication. Maybe it's he... Read more...

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Terri Seymour’s Hairstyle and Makeup Evolution

Terri Seymour is a British television presenter and ex-girlfriend of Simon Cowell (yes, that's considered a job these days) and has also worked ... Read more...

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Cat Deeley’s Hairstyles: Is She Stuck In A Rut?

Cat Deeley is a British TV presenter that is also known for being the host of “So You Think You Can Dance” in the USA. Cat has the t... Read more...

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Julianne Hough’s Perfect Messy Bob

Julianne Hough definitely has the California beach babe look going on. From her tanned skin to her bright blue eyes and icy blonde hair, she has... Read more...

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How to Get Sofia Coppola’s Look

Uber cool screenwriter, director, producer and actress Sofia Coppola is one lady who has her own unique look and sense of style. Men and women a... Read more...

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Heather Tom Hairstyles - From Blonde to Brown

Soap opera actress Heather Tom has been on TV forever, and for much of that time she was strutting her stuff as a blonde. More recently however,... Read more...

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The Best and the Worst 2013 VMA Hairstyles

Whether you watched the Video Music Awards or not, chances are you heard about his year’s annual event, thanks to Miley Cyrus’ twerk... Read more...

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Ciara's Ombre Hairstyle

Let's face it - the ombre look is well and truly played out. However, singer Ciara has managed to keep it looking fresh and modern with her diff... Read more...

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Jenny McCarthy - A Style Regression?

Oh Jenny. The harsh black eyeliner with glossy red lipstick. The blush. The super-cleavage. And those paint-in highlights. Have we gone back in ... Read more...

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Blow-Wave Basics: Hairstyling Tips for a Professional Finish at Home

Anyone who has had their hair professionally blow-waved

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Shaved Hairstyles Inspired by Rihanna

If you want an edgy look that adds some funk to your style but isn't too out there then these short and long shaved hairstyle ideas from Read more...

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Hair Styling Tips for Women over 40

You can still have fabulous,

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Evening Hairstyle Ideas: Side Swept Locks

A great evening look doesn't have to involve complicated styling, expensive products or professional tools. Sometimes a simple hairstyle suits a... Read more...

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Casual Short Crops

Women choose to go short for many different reasons--minimal styling time, easy upkeep and practicality are just a few reasons why crop hairstyl... Read more...

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Big Waves for All Hair Lengths

While waves are always in fashion, a great way to wear them is nice and big so you get plenty of volume and definition but still have a soft fin... Read more...

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Styling Solutions for a Bad Haircut

Anyone who is a regular visitor to the salon knows that not every haircut goes to plan. Every now and then you'll end up with a cut that just do... Read more...

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Spice Up Your Short Hair

Although you will always have your one look to fall back on, sometimes it feels like your styling options are limited when you have Read more...

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Heat Styling Free Hairdo Ideas

Whether it's to give your hair a break or because your blow-dryer is on the fritz, having to style your locks without the help of a heat styler ... Read more...

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Evening Hairstyle Ideas: Curls and Waves

Perfect for a party or dinner date, these curly and wav... Read more...

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Creating Curls with a Curling Wand

Curling wands are ideal for creating lovely loose waves and beautiful tight curls. To enjoy a fabulous curling wand hairstyle, follow these step... Read more...

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Curling Wand Tips

A curling wand is similar to a curling iron, but makes it much easier to create loose, relaxed curls and waves in your hair, no matter the lengt... Read more...

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Evening Hairstyle Ideas

Regardless of where your night out is, if you're hitting the town then an evening hairstyle that takes your look to the next level is in... Read more...

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Beautiful Bun Hairstyle Tips

While it might seem simple enough, you are after all only pulling your locks on top of your head; a bun does require a few tips and tricks in or... Read more...

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Simple Hairstyle Ideas for Casual Occasions

Even if the event is as casual as dropping by a friend's house, styling your hair into a Read more...

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Curly Hairstyle Ideas for a Night Out

Curls can be used to create a great variety of styles so there's no better hair texture to use when getting glammed up for an evening engagement... Read more...

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Long Fringes

Long fringes are a stylish way to keep your hairstyle interesting and there are plenty of great options to try. A long fringe can be modified to... Read more...

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Hairstyle tips for Busy People

When you're in a rush, often your hairstyling falls to the wayside. It is still possible to get a great look with little time on the clock, howe... Read more...

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Mastering the Art of Curls!

Whether it’s to spruce up a

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How to Get the Best Result When You Blow-dry

The perfect blow-dry involves sleek, frizz-free stands, locks with just the right balance of volume and bounce and the staying power to last for... Read more...

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Layered Hair: Will It Suit Your Hair Type?

Adding layers to your hair is an easy way to get movement into strands and take the shape and look of your locks to a new level. While layering ... Read more...

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Hairstyle Tips: Secrets to a Great Blow-wave

The secret to a great blow-wave is practice and knowing what tips and tricks will give you the right result. To find out exactly what those tips... Read more...

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Layered Hairstyle Looks

Adding layers to your hairstyle can give you versatile new styling options and even help you to get things like unruly curls under control. Laye... Read more...

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How to Stop Your Hairstyle from Aging You

While there are lots of things you can’t control about getting older, there are some things that you can control and those include your hairst... Read more...

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Day to Date Hairstyle Makeover Ideas

If you've got an event filled day with a date in the evening to follow, use these easy hair and makeup tips to take your look from day to date!<... Read more...

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Can You Pull Off Blunt Bangs?


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Hair Tips: Making Your Hairstyle Last

Good, solid hairstyling and hair prep will not only give you a great hairstyle result, it will also give you a hairstyle that stays in place whe... Read more...

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Mature Hairstyle Myths

While you’ve hopefully learned from past

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New Year Hair Resolutions

If you let great hair fall by the wayside last year, then kick off the New Year with some hair resolutions that will ensure your locks look heal... Read more...

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Holiday Hairstyles

With the party season in full swing this time of year, you're bound to be meeting lots of people and taking part in plenty of photo opportunit... Read more...

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Feminine Hairstyles

While long hair may take longer to style than short o... Read more...

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Short Haircut Advice: What to Think About Before Getting the Chop

Whether it’s for ease of styling or because you... Read more...

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The Perfect Pixie Haircut for Your Face Shape

One of the most popular short hairstyles is of cour... Read more...

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Top Knot Hairstyle Ideas

Buns ...

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