Whether you're stuck in a styling rut, recovering from a hair disaster or looking to overhaul your look, making a change - even just a simple one - to your hair can work wonders and improve your hair, instantly!

The Right Hair Cut

To improve the look of your hair, the first thing you need to do is make sure you have some hair basics covered. The first of those being that you have the right hair cut.

If you've been wearing the same hairstyle for years, or just simply don't know what to do with your hair, then you need the right hair cut - pronto!

A Great Hair Color

Nothing says great hair like a great hair color! If you're happy with your current hair cut, or you don't want or need to cut your locks to improve your hair then trying something new with your hair color is a great option!

The Best Hair Styling Products

The last hair basic is using the best hair styling products for your hair and style. This will ensure that any hair issues, such as frizz from curly locks, flat strands due to fine/thin hair, or heavy products that can wreak havoc on oily roots will be a thing of the past.

  • Styling productsBuy shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments and hair styling products that will work with and nourish your hair type.
  • The same advice goes for your hairstyle too. Using hair products that will help you achieve a certain style, such as a shampoo designed to help you style your hair straight, or smoothing shine designed to add gloss to your wavy locks, will go a long way to helping you achieve the hairstyle that you want.

With those hair care basics covered, you can then instantly improve your hair at anytime with these easy tips!

Get a Trim

  • ScissorsIf you can't afford or can't decide on a total hair cut change then just getting a simple hair trim is enough to improve the look and health of your locks and neaten up your existing hair cut.

Use a Hair Mask

  • Hair maskEveryone wants shiny, healthy hair but not everyone regularly applies hair masks. Using a hair mask, even once a month, can help to repair damage caused by heat styling, smooth dry strands to combat frizz, and help you keep your hair color by nourishing colored strands.

Clean Your Hair Brush

  • Hair brushAnyone who has run a hair brush that hasn't been cleaned in a while through their hair knows the frustration that oils, dirt, fluff and left over hair product residue from the dirty bristles can cause. Clean your hair brushes regularly with a little shampoo and warm water and allow the bristles to air dry to keep your brush, and your hair, in tip-top condition.

Add Some Shine to your Hair

  • Hair productsA sure-fire way to instantly improve your hair is to pump it full of shine! Get styling with shine enhancing products such as smoothing shine and take care of any frizz so that your hair stands are nice and flat and ready to reflect light.

Master Two Easy Hairstyles

  • Nicole Richie hairstylesA simple ponytail, an easy updo, braids, plaits, side styling or even a classic half up half down hairstyle can be styled even when 10 minutes is all the styling time you have to do something to your hair to improve your look.

Add a Hair Accessory

  • Hair accessoryEven those with only 2 minutes to spare can add a hair accessory to their hair. Try a hair clip, sparkly headband, decorated hair elastic or colored ribbons to spice up your look and add some very colorful interest.


So as you can see, the secret to improving your hair is easy! Once you've covered the basic hair improvement rules of getting the right hair cut, making sure your color is top-notch and always using the right hairstyling products, then the few simple tips and tricks outlined here to instantly improve your hair will be a cinch!