Whether your brown hair color is natural or comes from a box, there are lots of things that you can do to make the most of it, such as...

Tip #1: Making Your Brown Hair Color Choice Count

Model with brown hairAn important tip for making the most of your shade is that the color you currently have (or are going to change to) counts when it comes to what you want from your brown hair.

For example, if you want your color to look great then it has to be the right color for you! That doesn't mean choosing your color based on how cool it looks on the model on the box, going with the color your friend got last time she went to her hairdresser, or copying the latest shade that Eva Longoria Parker is wearing. While these are great ways to narrow down the color that you want, what looks good on someone else more than likely won't look the same on you due to your skin tone and other factors about your hair. Getting the shade of color right is also just as important as brown shades such as mocha will only suit cool complexions while chestnut browns will only suit warm ones. For more info, see our hair color article, Brown Hair Color Tips: Get the Perfect Color for You.

If you already have the right color for you then you just need to decide on the other factors that you might want from brown hair, such as shiny hair, and then choose colors like dark browns in chocolate and mocha that will give you that. For some brown hair color help, try uploading your photo to our virtual hairstyler and using the hair color icon to view our hairstyles in any one of the great brown hair colors that we offer.

Tip #2: Enhancing Your Brown Hair Color

Another tip for making the most of your brown hair is to enhance your base color.

You can do this in two ways. The first is by making hair products such as brown shampoos and conditioners a regular part of your hair care routine, and using hair styling products like shine spray which will bring out the best qualities of a brown hair color. The second is by using hair color options, such as highlights and lowlights, to add contrast and character.

Highlight Color Matches for Brown Hair

  • For dark brown hair colors, highlights in copper, red or honey blonde (if you want something brighter) and are good choice.
  • Any color in the medium brown family will look great mixed with some strawberry blonde highlights or ash blonde for a touch of funk.
  • For lighter shades of the chestnut kind, go brown on brown by weaving rich golden brown highlights. For a lighter edge, try golden blonde highlights.

By mixing up your brown shade up with reds, blondes and other darker and lighter brunette tones instead of opting for a solid block of color you will give your brown hair color richness and depth. Just remember to also stick to color choices that'll suit and flatter your complexion.

Tip #3: Maintaining Your Brown Hair Color

The final tip for making the most of your shade is maintaining your color. Brown hair color is generally easy to look after, and although it isn't subject to the high level of maintenance that some blonde and red hair colors can have, it still has the same issues of re-growth and fading that all hair colors experience. For tips about maintaining your color, see our hair color article, Brown Hair Color Tips: Maintenance or try one of our favorite tips and go darker or match your current brown color with a wash out semi hair color for a dose of shine without the re-growth!

By keeping these tips in mind and making the right brown color choice for you and doing what you can to enhance and look after your hair color then you should have no trouble at all making the most of any brunette shade!