Serena Williams bangs hairstylesBangs are a versatile addition to your hairstyle (that can accentuate certain of your facial features and hide or disguise others) but you need to trim and maintain them regularly. Ideally you should get a professional hairstylist to do this for you and some even offer a discounted service for regular trims, but if you insist on doing it yourself then the following tips will be a big help:

  • Leave the chicken scissors in the kitchen drawer and buy yourself a sharp pair of hair scissors. Remember too that the shorter the blade the easier they'll be to control.
  • You're going to need to trim your bangs when they're dry (wet strands shrink when dry and this can make trimming your bangs the perfect length a little tricky). Wash your hair, towel dry, de-tangle and apply an anti-frizz product if necessary; then blow-dry bangs completely dry.
  • Clip the rest of your hair out of the way of your bangs then divide your bangs into three even sections.
  • Get ready to start snipping- and make sure you keep still. Start in the middle section and, with your scissors at a 45 degree angle, make small snips backwards and forwards until the strands are the length you like.
  • Unclip the right section and use the middle section as a reference point; now unclip the left section and repeat.
  • You're finished: style your hair as desired!

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