My advice? Think about these “Blonde Hair Essential Questions” first, prepare yourself by understanding the “Color Transforming Techniques” and study our important “Blonde Hair Coloring Tips” at the end.

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Blonde Hair Essential Questions

Will it Suit Me?

The great thing about blonde hair color is that there’s a shade to suit pretty much everyone. The best way to ensure great results is to choose your blonde shade based on your skin tone.

What’s the Maintenance Like?

Caring for blonde hair can be time consuming! The color fades, brassiness sets in and the regrowth can be very noticeable- especially for those with naturally dark hair. Regular color touch ups and treatments are a must if you want your attention-grabbing tone to stay salon perfect.

Do I Need to Dye My Eyebrows?

This really is a personal choice. Some people like the contrast of darker eyebrows and lighter hair, while others prefer to make their blonde locks look as natural as possible by having their eyebrows match. If you do decide to have your eyebrows colored, remember to see a professional for the best result possible.

Should I Talk to a Professional Colorist?

It’s essential to see a professional colorist for a hair consultation. I really recommend going to a salon because a professional is the best person to help you get the shade you want. (For more information about the kinds of things you should discuss with your consultant, see “Get Over Your Hairstyle Makeover,” our free hairstyle e-book.) You need to:

  • Communicate. Make sure that you and your colorist are both on the same wavelength- in other words that you both have the same expectations about the color result you want to achieve.
  • Bring pictures. Help your colorist by showing them a picture (preferably on your photo) of the color that you want, and be prepared to discuss the maintenance and any hair damage that may result from your chosen color.
  • Remember to be realistic. Those with really dark hair won’t be able to transform to platinum blonde, but there are plenty of honey and caramel shades which will suit your skin tone.
  • Compromise. Be prepared to compromise with your colorist and allow them to tailor a color to suit you.

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Blonde Hair Coloring Tips:

  • Beat brassiness by using a shampoo designed to keep your color and by avoiding strong, direct sunlight for long periods of time.
  • Disguise your roots with a zigzag part or a headband or scarf. Having highlights applied will blend better than an all over solid block of color. If regrowth is a real problem, try to stick to a shade no more than 3 shades lighter than your natural color.
  • Match the seasons by varying your color tone. Enjoy a great blonde color all year round!
  • Complement your features. Blonde hair will brighten your skin and bring out the color of your eyes.
  • Don’t be lazy. Go that extra step and keep your hair well maintained and conditioned. This will give you better, longer lasting results, healthy hair, and can help to combat the drying effect that blonde colors can have on your hair.

Color Transforming Techniques:

Bleach / pre-lightening will remove your hair’s natural color and prepare it for lighter blonde shades and maximum color.

Full head color will replace your natural color to give you one shade of color from your roots to your ends.

Semi-permanent tints will not lighten your hair but will add color to hair that is already a light blonde shade. It will wash out in about 8 to 12 shampoos.

Permanent tints will penetrate your hair shaft for a great color and will need to be touched up every 5 to 6 weeks.

High lift tints lighten and tone your hair up to 5 shades lighter.

Fine weave highlights will add a natural hint of lightness and color to your hair, and should give result in a blended, natural finish.

Thick weave highlights will give you a more defined and textured look than fine highlights.

Full head highlights will give all layers of your hair a lighter look.

Half head highlights will add color to the top layers of your hair only.

Slices will add thick, wider blocks of color for a stronger look than highlights.

Scattered lights involves using up to 15 foils in various shades to create a sun kissed look.

Now that you’ve asked yourself all the important questions and you know the techniques and tips, the only thing left is to find a blonde hair color that suits you. features a great range of blonde shades and hairstyles, and by trying the looks with your photo you’ll instantly see if going blonde is the right hairstyle choice for you.