To add shine to your hair, try's five easy steps:

Step 1: Visit Your Hairdresser

A good haircut will keep your hair healthy and will encourage shine. Your hairdresser is also the best person to speak to about the type of hair that you have and what products will enhance your natural shine.

Step 2: Get a Great Demi or Semi-Permanent Color

Hair color coats the hair strands with a protective coating which will automatically reflect light. Make sure to ask your hairdresser about a demi or semi-permanent color that will really bring out your shine while you're getting your hair cut.

Step 3: Wash With a Shine Enhancing Shampoo

Nothing says super shiny hair like well moisturized hair. Use a shine enhancing shampoo that is full of plenty of moisturizers and your hair will be glowing. Heat activated shampoos and styling products will also add shine while you blow-dry. Don't forget to rinse your hair with cold water after washing for an extra shine boost and to use a clarifying shampoo every week if you regularly use styling products.

Step 4: Use the Best Products

Always use the best quality products for your budget as good products smooth the outer hair shaft and will help reflect light. Using a shine serum will create shine, and trying cream based products for fine hair, and oil based for thicker hair will steer you clear of heavy products which will cause a thick coat and make your hair look dull. It is a good idea not to apply finishing products too close to your scalp or your hair will look greasy.

Step 5: Style Sleekly

Style wise, smooth and sleek straight hair is the best look for shining locks. Blow-drying with the nozzle pointed down the hair shaft and finishing with a blast of cool air is the only way to style, and finishing with a mist of shine spray will give hold and great gloss. Using a round brush when blow-drying will add smoothness to the hair follicle and give your strands some great light reflection.

Special: Shine Enhancing Tips

  • Apply a shine-intensifying hair mask once a week to condition and add gloss to dull ends.
  • Ask your hairdresser about a demi or a semi-permanent salon gloss treatment. It works like lip gloss to add shine without color.
  • Add a spritz of hairspray to your brush and then run it through your hair to control static and hold your hairstyle in place. Hair that is free of static fly-aways will look instantly shiny and healthy.

Now that you've got your shine on, try a hairstyle from our library. We have thousands of hairstyles for you to choose from!