While having fine hair can sometimes mean missing out on a hairdo that only thick hair can hold up, it doesn't mean that you can't have a head turning hairstyle or so many hairstyling options that you can wear a new look every day of the week. All you need are some hairstyle ideas that are just made for fine hair!

Professional Looking Blowout:

Medium Straight Hairstyle

A look that's just as great for the weekend as it is for a day in the office is a professional looking blowout. Not only will your hair look neat and polished, but using a round hair brush while blow-drying will add some much needed body into fine locks. Ensure your look lasts for a long as possible by checking out the tips in our hairstyle article, Blow-Drying Hair Tips: How to Get a Style That Lasts.


Soft, Loose Waves:

Long Hairstyle with fine loose waves

One way to really add some movement into fine hair is to style soft, loose waves into your tresses. Large hair rollers or a curling iron with a large barrel will create the right shape in your hair. If you find that waves or curls drop out of your fine hair quickly then our Curl Keeping Hair Secrets article has some easy advice that you can follow.


Twisted Updo:

Straight Hairstyle with twisted updo

A twisted updo is a funky way to take advantage of fine hair strands and to also show them off. To re-create this look, pin your hair back and then separate your length into small sections and then twist and pin the sections up randomly. It'll create an interesting look at the back of your head, and a flattering look up front (click the image to see the front of this style).


Braided Hair:

Curly Updo with braided hair

Braids are one of the best ways to keep your hair out of the way while still looking super stylish and are a cinch to pull off once you've mastered the art of braided hair. In fine hair, a braid can be very versatile. Try adding one across the top of your head as an instant headband or through the length of your locks as a side style.


Half Up Half Down Hairstyle:

Curly blonde half up half down hairstyle

Our hairstyle ideas for fine hair wouldn't be complete without a half up half down hairstyle! Universally flattering, a half up hairdo works well with fine hair to create a soft and stylish look that can be dressed up with hair accessories or left plain to suit any occasion. Don't forget to leave some strands out around your face to create a pretty finish.


Straight Hairstyle Ideas for Fine Hair

Height Filled Updo

Red Height Filled Updo

While fine hair can sometimes look a little flat, you can counter the lack of volume in your hair using various styling techniques. One of these techniques includes styling your hair into an updo that has plenty of height and volume. This gorgeous 'do uses backcombing and some fancy hair pin work to create a great looking style that will do you fine hair justice.


Deep Side Hair Part

Short blonde hair with Deep Side Hair Part

No matter the type of hairstyle you are wearing, or the length of your hair, adding a deep side hair part will instantly add hair volume to any look. This is a must for fine hair and can help take your look from flat to fantastic with very little effort. Start the hair part as far over on the side of your head as possible, and even try to part your hair on the side you don't normally wear your part to add some extra lifting power.


Jagged Cut Shaggy Hair Layers

Jagged Cut Shaggy Hair Layers

Another great way to keep fine hair from looking lifeless is to use shaggy cut hair layers to instantly inject movement into your locks. The jagged layers of this straight look keep the fine hair strands from just hanging flat against the head with no real purpose or movement. If you want more life in your locks then this is definitely a hairstyle worth copying.


Backcombed Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

Backcombed Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

Our final straight hairstyle idea for fine hair involves a classic half up half down hairstyle. This great look has been enhanced for fine locks with the use of backcombed roots to inject some height into the style. The rest of the length is then left to fall into a casual straight texture, making this a great hairstyle idea for the weekend.