Blonde model with a blow-dryerThe pulling, teasing and snagging that can happen when styling can cause daily damage to your hair, but the good news is that there are some very easy hair care tips that you can follow that can limit any damage and help you achieve healthier hair:

Hair Styling Dos

  • Do pick the right size hair brush. If you’re using a brush that is too small when trying to style or blow-dry your hair then you run the risk that the brush will get tangled up in your hair, causing damage. Always match the size of your brush to your hair length and hair type (if you’re not sure, remember that a larger brush is better than a smaller one) to avoid snapping your hair or knotting up your locks.
  • Do give your scalp a break from tight styling. If you constantly wear ponytails, buns or braid your hair, you can apply pressure to your scalp that risks damaging your strands and can even trigger some hair loss conditions. Alternate your style with hairdos that require you to wear your hair down from time to time.
  • Do use hair bands not elastic bands to tie your hair up. Anyone who has ever put a rubber elastic band in their hair knows how easily it can tangle and how painfully it rips your hair out! Cloth covered hair bands without metal pieces are the way to go when tying your hair.

Hair Styling Don'ts

  • Don't trim with dull scissors. If you trim your own bangs or ends, you can cause damage to the ends of your hair if you use dull scissors. Always use professional scissors that you only reserve for cutting your hair to keep your ends in tip-top shape.
  • Don't use a hair brush on wet hair. The bristles on your brush will pull and snag wet strands and cause damage when your hair is at its most vulnerable, so if you’re styling wet hair, always use a comb.
  • Don't use heat stylers without protection. It takes a huge amount of heat to style your hair with your blow-dryer or hair straightener and unprotected hair can turn frizzy, dry out or split so using hair products to provide a barrier between your strands and the heat is a must.

By adding these dos to your hair care routine, and getting out of the habit of doing the don'ts, you should see an improvement in the look and feel of your hair, which in turn will make styling your hair easier, limit damage and help your hair be as healthy as it can be!