For an updo hairstyle that’s sure to turn heads this holiday season it’s all about the effortless disheveled look.

A strong retro hairstyle influence and the return of beehives are making a comeback, as is a sense of easy classiness from looks created with buns and chignons.

Other updo hairstyles to try are ones that are all about hair volume and thickness, so if your hair is thinner, opt for some hair extensions to add extra body to your locks. Also, updos are easier to achieve if you have longer hair so extensions can help you lengthen your locks as well.

Long curly updoBack short of long curly updo

To get that perfect voluminous look, add some height in your hair with backcombing and then spray your roots with hairspray before blow-drying with a large round brush. The hairspray will be enhanced by the heat from your blow-dryer and deliver bigger and better results.

For successful backcombing, tease your hair in a way that is gentle enough that you will be able to comb it out easily later. When you are finished adding volume to your hair, gather your hair at the back of your head in a ponytail with a hair elastic and then create a loose chignon and secure with hair pins for the perfect updo hairstyle.

Updo hairstyle with volumeBack shot of updo hairstyle with volume

To accessorize your updo you can add a headband or jeweled bobby pins, which are perfect for a cocktail party or holiday event. As for tiaras, they are no longer on trend so stay far away from them unless you want to look like a beauty pageant contestant!

Different ways to add a unique twist to your bun is to braid the ponytail or twist two sections and wrap them around each other for an interesting and more complicated look that will have your friends asking if you had your hair professionally done.

Easy updo hairstyleBack shot of easy updo hairstyle

There are also many updo hairstyles that can easily be done at home, and even if your hair skills are limited, you can still pull your hair in a high ponytail and secure it into a bun with bobby pins.

As you can see from these great ideas, the upstyles this season are not about being perfect but about being an effortless and natural look. Give them a try at your next event and enjoy great hair and the compliments you'll be sure to receive!