A definite way to spice up your hair color and forgo the choice of having to decide between two equally great hair shades is to add a two-tone hair color splash to your locks! Check out these ideas for some inspiration...


Traditional Two-Tone Hair Color Splash
Long two-tone hair


Two-tone red and blonde hair

A tried and true traditional two-tone hair color usually involves adding a contrasting color to the underneath sections of your hair. This provides a nice change in shade that can be seen when wearing your hair out and down, half up half down hairstyle or in a ponytail or updo. Popular hair color choices for this type of two-tone color are brunette and blonde (pictured right) or red and blonde (pictured left), but any complimentary or contrasting hair color mix looks great!


Subtle Two-Tone Hair Color Splash
Subtle orange two-tone hair


Subtle purple two-tone hair

If you don't like the idea of coloring an entire section of your locks then two-tone hair can be made subtle with just a hint of a color splash. Adding a different shade in specific or random sections of your hair, either underneath (pictured left) or through the top (pictured right), provides an interesting look that is much more subtle than half a head of different color. Choosing a muted hair color also keeps the impact of this look toned down.


Statement Two-Tone Hair Color Splash
Purple two-tone hair


Blue two-tone-hair

Those who love the thought of a head turning two-tone color need to look no further than bright splashes of color in purple (pictured left), pink, green, blue (pictured right) and orange! Weaved throughout random sections of your hair, these pops of color look great when teamed with contrasting shades, such as black or red hair.


Natural Two-Tone Hair Color Splash
Long curly two-tone hair


Long wavy two-tone hair

Our final two-tone look is really on trend right now and perfect for those who prefer a natural hair look. It involves adding a lighter hair color from the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair while your top section of hair remains dark. This creates a natural looking color change that compliments your look. The other advantage of this great color style is that there is no regrowth, which means root touch ups are non existent and you can spread out your salon color visits even further, saving you money!