Every few years the pixie haircut re-emerges and takes the world by storm. We are in love with this classic look all over again with Hollywood's leading ladies showing us how it's done. While there are a few Hollywood celebs who rock the pixie whether it's in or out of fashion (think Michelle Williams), others try out a pixie cut when they want a new or dramatic look. If you love the look of short, face framing hairstyles then you may want to try one out yourself.

Michelle Williams, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Hudson and Halle Berry are just a few of the women we think of when we talk pixie cuts. These starlets show us how amazing the pixie cut can be, so much so, that it makes us want to run out and copy the look. But are you bold and brave enough to actually do it? Well, if you aren't attached to your long locks and have a whole 'lotta confidence- take the plunge and go for this sweet crop. Your cheekbones will look killer and your beautiful eyes will pop!

Here are a few tips for women who are thinking of getting the super short pixie hairstyle this year:

  • Short pixie cuts work best on women with fine features.
  • But even if you have large features a super short pixie cut with a dramatic hair color can effectively draw the focus away from your features.
  • Pixie cuts tend to look best on oval, square, and heart-shaped faces.
  • If you have a heart face shape then go for a super short pixie cut with a bit of height, as this will balance your shorter, wider face.
  • If you have a square face shape, choose a super short pixie cut with softer edges as these will break up the angular lines of your jaw.
  • If you have an oblong face shape, a super short pixie cut that's flat with bangs works really well to shorten the face.
  • If you have an round face shape, a super short pixie cut with height through the top will effectively lengthen the face.
  • Think about the maintenance- it's essential to keeping this cut looking sweet. You will need to get a trim every four to six weeks to maintain the shape and style.
  • Consider your hair type- it will determine how short you can go.
  • Coarse hair must be kept on the shorter side with lots of product to tame it.
  • Curly-haired gals should choose a length that shows off those beautiful natural waves without making them look frizzy.
  • Straight hair tends to have more possibilities but will need a highly technical cut from a great stylist who know how to shape it properly.
  • With your new crop you will need to adjust your makeup. Less is more when it comes to the eyes as they will naturally take centre stage, but do try a bold lip color. It will emphasize the lower part of your face, balancing out the overall look.
  • Make a consultation with an experienced stylist and don't forget to bring lots of pictures! Not all pixies are created equal and your stylist will need a visual of what you want to achieve.

Michelle Williams Pixie hair cut

Michelle Williams looks ultra- feminine with this side-swept blonde crop. She has been wearing many variations of the pixie for a few years now, keeping her short 'do fresh and fun. With her natural beauty showcased and her inner confidence always shining through, she is a true pixie cut icon.

Charlize Theron Pixie hair cut

Yes, this woman is drop dead gorgeous and would look good wearing a paper bag on her head, but her chic pixie cut deserves to be noted. This is a stunning look on Charlize- her beautiful, feminine features allow her to wear this super short androgynous, punk rock style with ease. And, she makes it looks classy too. Style kudos to Charlize Theron for this one!

Halle Berry Pixie hair cut

Another pixie-wearing icon and all around stunner is Halle Berry. Her hair motto must be: if it ain't broke don't fix it! Halle has been wearing her hair cropped into a pixie cut for as long as we can remember. This version is cool and funky. Just look at all the height and texture!

Jennifer Hudson Pixie hair cut

Jennifer Hudson is the another Hollywood celebrity to sport a sassy pixie cut. Jennifer's crop is spiked and teased, giving it an edgy vibe that looks great with her bright pink lippie!

Kelly Rowland Pixie hair cut

Here, Kelly Rowland is working a wispy pixie that is short on the sides and longer on the top, a slight variation from the uniform length pixie cut that we usually see. This is a great way for women to ease into the world of the pixie cuts if they are too scared to go super short from the get-go - simply try Kelly's grown out version and see how you like it. If you do, try a shorter and sassier style if you want more edge to your look, or leave it as is. This hairstyle looks fabulous paired up with a gorgeous color, like Kelly's dark chocolate brown base and reddish brown highlights throughout the ends in the fringe area.

Maggie Gyllenhaal Pixie hair cut

Maggie Gyllenhaal looks super cute in her pixie hairstyle here, which she wears in a messy Halle Berry style. This hairstyle is perfect for women with great cheekbones like Maggie, or for those who want their eyes to take centre stage. It suits her oval face shape nicely and the short jagged fringe in the front balances out her proportions and works well with her high forehead. Confidence and a great sense of style is also a must to pull this 'do off!

Roshumba Williams Pixie hair cut

Roshumba Williams shows us how to wow with a longer pixie hairstyle here. Her jagged layers and super straight texture create a gorgeous frame for her eyes and the side part is a good option for women with a strong jawline like Roshumba. As well as being low maintenance, this hairstyle looks elegant and sophisticated and is a great option for women who like to flaunt a polished look, day or night.

Jacqueline Toboni Pixie hair cut

Jacqueline Toboni provides us with a longer take on the pixie cut, with longer uniform layers on the top and sides. This creates a wispy 'bowl' cut effect and sexy peek-a-boo fringe. This is a versatile pixie cut as well, and can be worn down and forward as seen here, parted on the side (maybe with some gel for the wet look) or swept back off the face. Jacqueline's hairstyle is very cosmopolitan looking, and would suit women with a chic fashion sense!

Kaley Cuoco Pixie hair cut

Kaley Cuoco's pixie cut gained her a lot of attention when she first debuted her shorter 'do and now she is really having fun with the colour and style as it grows out. Kaley's colour used to be dirty blonde with platinum highlights but now she has gone for an all-over platinum blonde, which looks amazing with her complexion. Bold monochromatic colours are a great match for the pixie cut and keeps the overall look simple and chic. As Kaley's hair grows out, she lets the top layers grow longer while keeping the bottom layers clean and tapered for a chic look.

Rose McGowan Pixie hair cut

Rose McGowan also went for the big chop recently, but unlike Kaley and her chic 'do, she went for an edgier windswept look. This hairstyle is perfect for women who don't want any forehead coverage and who like to rock the bedhead look. To create this look, ask your stylist for short sides and a tapered back, with longer, jagged layers on top. Then to style, simply blow dry the hair upwards and use a sticky wax to style and hold it in place. Of course, if you wanted to go for a sleeker look then feel free to dry this 'do smooth and sleek, aiming the hair to the side. Rose's colour also works wonders for this hairstyle too. Her rich brown hair hue brings out her eyes while making her complexion glow. Pixies hairstyles are best worn with rich, bold colours so forego the highlights if you choose to get this 'do.

Sharon Stone Pixie hair cut

Finally, Sharon Stone shows us a classy-looking version of the pixie cut that will suit women with curls or waves in their hair. Sharon's hair has longer layers on top, with the sides and back being tapered close to the head. To style, she has used a small round brush to smooth the hair back, creating a gorgeous off the face hairstyle with a classy, sophisticated edge. Sharon's colour also looks fantastic with this cut. Unlike the two styles above, Sharon has added a few highlights but they are done subtly so it works flawlessly with her short cut. (Remember- bold, chunky highlights rarely work well with pixie cuts). She has started with a deep blonde base and added subtle sun-kissed highlights that give a warm glow to her hair as well as her complexion.

Alyssa Milano's Wispy Pixie Hair

Alyssa Milano Short Wavy Pixie hair cut

This is a fresh and cute hairstyle with wispy face-framing layers. Alyssa's pixie cut is an excellent example of how short hairstyles are a fantastic way of accentuating the eyes.

Eva Pigford's Funky Blonde Pixie Hair

Eva Pigford Short Wavy Pixie hair cut

Eva's pixie cut has been kept super short and jagged-cut. The honey blonde color suits her complexion and is quite striking. If you have natural curly hair like Eva and you'd like a short pixie cut like this then you need plenty of product to make your hair sit flat.

Pink's Razored Pixie Hair

Pink Short Straight Pixie hair cut

If you like super short pixie cuts then bookmark our hairstyle gallery of Pink's hairstyles (because she loves them too). This particular example is great for coarse texture hair as the razor-cutting eliminates weight. Also, the height through the top makes this hairstyle a good choice for round face shapes.

A super short pixie cut is daring and it's true they work well with petite or large features. But it's also true that you can get a pixie cut that will suit most any face shape. I recommend using our virtual hairstyler to try a few on, and have a chat with your stylist too.