Hair Problem #1: Oily Hair

Oily hair

Oily hair is what happens when the sebaceous gland in your scalp goes a little overboard and produces too much of your hair's natural oil (sebum). You know you have this problem when your hair clumps together, styling becomes difficult, your hair looks "greasy," and your strands take on a slightly funky odor. Here are some solutions:

If You've Got Time

  • Wash your bangs or front hair strands only in the sink.
  • Give them a quick blow-dry and tie back the rest of your hair.

If You Don't Have Time

  • If you've got light colored hair you can soak up some oil by using a clean cosmetic brush to dust a little talcum powder across your roots. Dark hair? Try some bronzing powder for the same result.
  • Spritz your hair with a little hairspray and blast your oily roots with a blow-dryer for 10 seconds.
  • Run facial blotting paper across your roots.

Avoid Oily Hair in the Future

  • Use shampoos and conditioners designed specifically for oily hair, and don't scrub your scalp as this can make things worse.
  • Use light hair styling products (like mousse).
  • Avoid touching your hair throughout the day.
  • Lightly brush your hair everyday from your roots to your ends to distribute your natural oils throughout your hair (and to prevent it accumulating at your roots).

Hair Problem #2: Hair That Won't Stay Put

Bobby pins

If you've spent all morning styling your hairdo only to have pesky little strands of hair pop out all over the place ("fly-away pieces"), or your cowlick (a section of strands that sit in a different direction to the rest of your hair) is creating styling issues, then you'll need these helpful solutions:

Control Pesky Fly-Away Pieces

  • Dab a small amount of gel on an old toothbrush and gently run it along your hairline.
  • Spray your hands with a little hairspray and then gently smooth down your hair to keep your hair strands together.

Control Cowlicks

  • Try changing your part (or hairstyle) so that your hair weighs down the annoying strands.
  • You can also train your hair to sit a certain way by brushing it in the direction you want and holding it down while you sleep with bobby pins or a headband. Eventually your hair will become used to its new position and should stay in place.

Hair Problem #3: Hair Color Regrowth

Hair roots

The biggest drawback when it comes to hair color is the obvious regrowth that comes about when your hair strands get longer and your roots start to reveal your natural hair color. Try these tips:

How to Hide Regrowth between Salon Visits

  • Part your hair in a zigzag.
  • Style your hair in the opposite direction you usually style it.
  • Add a strategically placed hair accessory to drawn attention away from your roots.
  • Part your hair on the side (a center part will make dark roots more obvious).
  • Wear a headband or scarf.

Hair Problem #4: Growing Out Your Hair

When you've decided that you'd like to grow your short hairstyle, or if you've become sick of your bangs and want to try a "bang free" look, then chances are you'll get stuck in that dreaded in-between stage of growing your hair when it just doesn't have a whole lot of style. That's when these handy tips are a real helper:

Tips for Growing Out Your Hair

  • Experiment with accessories to keep your look interesting.
  • Try pinning your hair half up, half down or all back to create a new look.

Tips for Growing Out Your Bangs

  • Try clipping them your bangs to the side if you have a broad or long face, or up and backwards on your crown area if you have a full face.
  • Side-sweep your bangs if they're long enough.

Hair Problem #5: Split Ends

Girl cutting ends of hair

When the protective cuticle at the ends of your hair gets damaged, it causes your hair to split into two or more strands and the only solution for this common problem is to cut your hair. Conditioning your ends regularly will help with hair damage, but the best thing for the health of your hair is to have any split ends trimmed off by a professional.

Hair Problem #6: Frizzy Hair

It might surprise you to learn that frizzy hair is actually caused by a lack of moisture. When your hair is too dry it will try to soak up moisture wherever it can- it will even grab it right out of the water in the air if it needs to. If you've got frizzy hair, then check out these tips:

Tips for Avoiding Frizziness

  • Make sure your hair is well moisturized with regular conditioning.
  • Use weekly treatments.
  • Style with moisture packed products (such as ones without alcohol).

Hair Problem #7: Accessory Slip-Out

Hair accessory

This is a problem that always seems to occur when you're getting ready for a big night out and that funky new hair clip or sparkly headband just doesn't want to stay in place.

Tips for Avoiding Accessory Slip-Out

  • If your hair is too smooth to keep hold of your hair accessory then try using styling products (such as hairspray) to rough up your hair cuticle and help the accessories stick to your strands.

Next time you've got oily hair or frizzy hair, or any common hair condition, give these simple solutions a try. Then, when you have your hair under control, team it with one of the 1000s of great hairstyles available in's virtual hairstyler. Say hello to great hair and goodbye to problems like frizzy hair and regrowth!