If you've read our other hairstyle trend articles, you'll see that most of the styles are ultra girlie. This is great for women who like to wear long to medium hair in a classic, feminine fashion, but what about women who want to stand out from the crowd? Whether you love to wear your hair short and edgy or you simply want a head turning look, an androgynous hairstyle may be for you.

So what is an androgynous hairstyle exactly? Basically, these haircuts are very trendy, super edgy and have a combination of both masculine and feminine traits. They are typically short with a lot of angles and tapering close to the head.

To pull these hairstyles off, a woman should be very confident and have a sharp dress sense. An androgynous cut looks great with a make-up free face, but they also look fabulous with bold and bright makeup, so if you like to get creative with your makeup looks then this may be the perfect way to cut your hair. They can suit a variety of face shapes with certain modifications. For example, if your face is quite round, then an angled side-swept fringe should be cut in rather than a straight fringe or a style that sweeps completely off the face. A good hair stylist will know how to make any of these looks work for you and your unique features.

Now, if you're thinking of going for a dramatic new look, check out these latest androgynous hairstyles for some new ideas!

Short Straight Androgynous Hairstyle - Medium Plum Red Hair Color with Pink Highlights

Here, our model is wearing an edgy, short tapered 'do that is sleek and sophisticated. This hairstyle has longer layers on top that taper in towards the head. The back and sides are cut close to the head and a deep side part and side-swept fringe in the front gives it an overall smooth finish. Bold red and purple tones throughout gives this 'do extra style points too!


Short Straight Androgynous Hairstyle with Layered Bangs - Black and Medium Red Two-Tone Hair Color

Here, our model goes for an emo-inspired androgynous 'do that has a sexy eye-skimming fringe. This hairstyle is short and tapered on the back and sides, and gradually gets longer towards the front. The fringe extends to the temples and then blends into the rest of the haircut through the sides and back. To add extra edge, our model has added bright red panels in the fringe to compliment her mahogany shade in the back.


Short Straight Androgynous Hairstyle - Purple Hair Color with Purple Highlights

If you prefer to have your fringe off of your face, then you may want to try this hairstyle. Our model's haircut is short and tapered on the sides and back with longer layers on the top. The longer layers on the crown can be styled up and off the face in minutes by drying it upwards with a blow-dryer. This jagged cut needs just a bit of styling wax throughout the top and it will hold this "faux hawk" shape throughout the day. To customize it even further, add a hint of color in the front section like our model's vibrant violet shade.

Inspired to try out this new hairstyle trend? Give them a go using our virtual hairstyler before you take the plunge!