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Michelle Williams is an American actress who first shot to fame in the television series Dawson’s Creek. She began her career with television guest appearances, and made her feature film debut in Lassie, which earned her a Youth in Film nomination.

Michelle Williams is blessed with flawless skin, elfin features and a fine bone structure - the perfect recipe for someone to flaunt a pixie cut. And flaunt it she does. Michelle has professed her love for this retro cut and is rarely seen with long hair anymore, even though she has been quoted as saying that only girls and gay men like her hair in a pixie! We think it looks fabulous, so here is a gallery of Michelle's hairstyles including pixie cuts.

View yourself with Michelle Williams hairstyles. We provide easy "How to style" tips as well as letting you know which hairstyles will match your face shape, hair texture and hair density.

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