While going blonde or switching to a head turning red hair color is high on the list of hair color changes, going brown is also one of the most popular ways to transform your look and give your locks an overhaul. It's also one of the easiest changes, especially when you apply these brown hair coloring tips.

Tip #1: Pick the Right Brown Hair Color

If you're going to make the switch to a darker color and want the transition to go as smoothly as possible, not to mention look great, then you need to establish if your skin tone is warm or cool. Taking a look at the veins in your arms is an easy way to check. Those with a warm skin color will have green tinged veins and those with blue veins are cool. Still not sure? Take a quick look at the following warm and cool characteristics:

If your eyes are:

  • Deep brown/black
  • Grey/dark blue
  • Hazel

If your skin is:

  • Fair with pink undertones
  • Ruddy with pink undertones and freckles
  • Olive or slightly beige in color with yellow undertones
  • Dark with pink undertones

Then you are cool and should give flat, ash and coffee colored browns a try.

Cool brown hair colors

If you eyes are:

  • Golden brown
  • Green
  • Hazel with brown flecks

If your skin is:

  • Light with golden undertones
  • Pale with peach, red and golden undertones
  • Tan/beige with brown undertones
  • Dark with golden undertones

Then you are warm and should give mocha, chestnut and caramel browns a try.

Warm brown hair colors

Hair Color Tip: For some brown hair color inspirations upload your photo to our virtual hairstyler today. We've got various shades of brown which you can try with your photo on any of the hairstyles available on the site. We even include extra information to let you know if the color is suitable for a warm or cool complexion!

Once you've chosen the right brown hair color for you, all you have to decide is how you're going to achieve it - which brings us to tip #2.

Tip #2: Use the Right Hair Color Method

While a brown hair color can be easy enough to achieve at home, if you're coloring your hair for the first time, going from a completely different hair color (especially blonde) or your hair is no stranger to other chemical processes like permanent coloring, chemical straightening or perming then it's best to see a professional. This will ensure that you get the actual hair color you want and will help to avoid any potential disasters that could happen if the chemicals in your brown hair color interact badly with any chemicals left in your hair from other processes. A professional will also be able to confirm if the color you've chosen is right for you and offer advice about maintenance.

There are various ways that you can go brown and the method that's right for you will also depend on the level of brown hair color you want and if you're going for a solid color change or a gradual switch over. The most popular methods are:

Permanent Hair Color

Permanent hair color is the most effective way to achieve brown hair as it can be used to make your hair dark brown, light brown and any other brown shade in between. It uses chemicals to permanently alter the hair strands that the permanent dye is applied to but does not affect new growth (which is why you get re-growth).

Demi-Permanent Color

Demi-permanent color is gentler than permanent hair color and is a good option if you're after dark brown shades but won't help with lighter brown shades as it can't lighten hair. Any color added to your hair from a demi-permanent will wash out in about 25 shampoos.

Semi-Permanent Hair Color and Temporary Hair Color

Semi-permanent hair color will give you a darker brown shade for around 6 to 8 shampoos before fading out while a temporary hair color lasts for 1 wash. Both are a good choice if you just want to see if you like brown hair before fully committing to a total hair color change.

Tip # 3: Match Your Brown Hair Color and Everything Else

A few last things to keep in mind before making the change is that a brown hair color will mean bolder makeup (see our Red Lipstick Rules for Your Hair Color and Complexion beauty article and Makeup Matches for Your Brown Hair Color beauty blog for tips and ideas), different color choices for your clothes (which are great excuses for shopping!) and may even mean tinting your eyebrows to ensure a natural looking result (again, see a professional). It also means shinier, glossier hair and hair that looks and feels healthier. Brown hair is also great at providing a contrast for your skin that can soften lines and imperfections, giving you a younger look.

Whether you've already made up your mind about going brown or are still deciding, by using these tips to find the perfect brown hair color for you, you'll not only end up with a hair color that'll complement your features and make your hair healthier, but your hair will also get a new lease on life. Not to mention the confidence boost and thrill you'll get from a totally new look and the experience of a fun and easy color change!

Give it a try today and let us know about your experience by leaving a comment below.