Kimberley Locke hairstylesAn updo is quite often the go-to hairstyle when there’s a big event or party to attend and it’s very easy to picture yourself with a gorgeous tower of hair that has been styled perfectly.

Unfortunately though, sometimes the fantasy of the perfect upstyle just doesn’t match reality. Either the finished result turns out completely different to what you imagined, or all the hours spent backcombing, styling, pinning and pulling fails to hold and your hair ends up flat before the evening is over.

Thankfully there are 2 easy tips that you can use, however, that will ensure that any updo looks exactly how you want it to, and that it lasts well into the night!

Upstanding Updo Tip #1 - Organization

Gloria Ordaz hairstylesWhen it comes to getting an upstanding updo, the first step is knowing exactly what you want. Find a picture of the updo that you plan to wear and refer to it when styling your hair.

The second thing is to have all your styling tools ready. Your blow-dryer, curling iron, hair rollers, hair pins, hair elastics, hairspray, hair styling products, combs and anything else you might need should all be organized and on hand so that you can create your look with ease and without any lengthy delays caused by having to stop and find extra hair pins or your comb.

Hair styling hint: do a practice run before the event to ensure that you can style the updo and that you'll like the end result.

Upstanding Updo Tip # 2 - Hair Preparation

When it comes down to the nitty-gritty of creating your look, you’ll get the best results by using day old hair with plenty of texture. Wash your hair the day beforehand or use dry shampoo to rough up your strands if your hair has been freshly washed. Hair that is too clean will be slippery and hard to mould and keep in shape.

Kourtney Kardashian hairstyles Hair styling hint: to get your updo off to a good start, use a texturizing product at your roots and a smoothing serum in your lengths to keep hair frizz and fly-away hair strands at bay.

A good blowout where your hair has been dried with your blow-dryer nozzle pointed down your hair shaft will also help to prepare your hair, but ensure that you lift your hair at the roots when blow-drying so that it's easier to style your updo.

When your hair has had the right texture and products applied you can then style it (or have it styled) into your updo of choice. It really is that easy!

Hair styling hint: if you’re after a great looking style that has plenty of strength then incorporate plaits and/or hair accessories into your updo.

With the help of these easy tips you should be able to achieve an upstyle that lasts.