Backcombing uses teasing to add height directly into your hair strands where you need it to create big hair looks that pack plenty of punch.

To backcomb your hair use these easy steps:

Backcombing with tail combBackcombing result

  1. Divide your hair into manageable portions.
  2. Hold a section of your hair up vertically and then place your tail comb at the mid-lengths of the section and then gently brush down, pushing your hair against itself.
  3. Repeat in the section, and the rest of your hair, until you get the height and volume you want.

Just remember...

Unless you're going for a rock chic look, stay away from your roots as this will make your backcombing visible.

Backcomb from the underneath/underside of your hair to ensure that your backcombing isn't obvious.

Backcombed hairstyles

Use backcombing in ponytails, quiffs, updos and half up half down hairstyles for instant lift, funk and glamour.

If you find a tail comb gives you stands more in the vein of Russell Brand, try using a soft hair brush instead.


If really big hair isn’t the look you’re after but you still want some lift and height in your locks then just adding some simple volume to your strands is all you need to do.

The first step to getting volume in your locks is to use volumizing hair styling products. Wash with shampoos and hair conditioners specifically designed to add volume to your hair strands and make room in your bathroom cupboard for volume promoting styling products such as root lift sprays and body-building hair mousses.

Backcombed and teased hairstyles

Just remember when it comes to products that you don't need to go overboard. A little goes a long way and too much hair product will just weigh down your hair strands and defeat the purpose of building volume.

If you have long hair then having long hair layers added will lighten your stands and make it easier to add volume.

For short hair, use mousse and your blow-dryer with a diffuser to add plenty of volume, lift and texture to your strands.

If you find that your fine hair just doesn't take to your volume inducing measures then try adding hair extensions where you need them to bulk up your locks.

Backcombed and teased hairstyles

As for straight lanky hair, add a volume boost with strategically placed highlights which will give the illusion of hair volume.

Our final tip for big hair is to keep your backcombing and volume balanced. That means if you have height and volume on top, keep your sides sleek.

Hairdos with plenty of luscious volume and big backcombed styles will always have a place at any event, whether it’s adding oomph to a wedding upstyle, a party hairdo, of even spicing up your regular office hairstyle, so knowing how to add height to your hair will give you the chance to create plenty of great looks!

To see how you'd look with any of these volume-filled hairstyles, click on the images for a link to try the virtual hairstyle on your own photo or our model.