Nothing finishes off a look more than a fantastic upstyle, but as with any hairstyle, there are plenty of things that can go wrong. To ensure your updo hits all the right notes and gives you the perfect party hair, give these easy do’s and don’ts a try!

Brown curly upstyle

Do Match to Your Outfit

Once you’ve got your outfit sorted, start planning your upstyle. Backcombed beehives look great with strapless gowns, or an upstyle with long side-swept bangs will really enhance a flowing spaghetti strap party dress.

Do Take a Hairstyle Survival Kit

Stock your handbag with hair pins, a mini can of hairspray and anything else you can squeeze in that you might need (see our Beauty and Hair Products That Should Always Be in Your Handbag blog for a list of hair handbag must haves!). This will make it easy to handle any hair emergencies and stop your updo from becoming an undone mess!

Do Add Some Hair Texture

It’ll be easier to style your hair into an updo if your hair strands have some grip. Use dry shampoo or style with day old hair to inject some texture into your hair.

Blonde ballerina bun upstyle

Don’t Worry If It’s Not Perfect

Really perfect looking updos should be reserved for very formal occasions, like weddings. For a successful party upstyle not every hair strand has to be in place and having loose bits of hair, especially around your face, will create a soft and beautiful look.

Don’t Forget to Personalize the Hairstyle for You

If you normally don’t wear your hair up or backcombed or slicked back then you won’t be comfortable with it. If you see an upstyle that you like then take inspiration from it and style it in a way that you are comfortable with so that it suits you and gives you great hair confidence.

Don’t Fight Your Natural Hair

Work with your hair type, length, and annoying cowlicks! Those with natural curls will spend less styling time perfecting those curls into a soft and romantic updo than trying to turn your curly hair into salon straight strands. And those with straight hair should take advantage and create a sleek, polished ballerina bun that can be dressed up with sparkly hair accessories.

And there you have it! Simple do's and don'ts that should see you partying away with a fabulous upstyle!