Updo hairstyles can add that extra something to your look for a special event (or even a touch of glamour to your everyday look) but can be a little tricky when it comes to creating and keeping such a fabulous look.

To ensure that your upstyle doesn't fall flat and always looks its best, try these easy updo hairstyle tips the next time you decide to wear your hair up!


Prep Your Hair

Dark, smooth upstyleWhen it comes to styling an updo, day old hair will make it much easier to style (and keep) your hair in place.

If you can’t stand not having freshly washed tresses then make sure you give your hair strands some grip with the help of the best hairstyling products for the updo that you want to achieve.


Style for a Professional Finish

Curly upstyleTo create an updo with a fantastic finish then you need to style your hair with the right tools.

If your updo requires sleek strands then use a hair straightener to get your locks poker straight (see our Hair Straightener Tips for Salon Straight Hair at Home article for help).

For curls, master using a curling iron or hot hair rollers, and always remember to allow hot hair rollers to cool completely before removing and try not to handle your curls too much so you don’t ruin the shape. Once your curls are in place, spray with a strong hold product and then leave them alone.

More updo styling tips to keep in mind are that loose wisps of hair left out around your face will soften an updo, and back combing creates instant lift, hair volume and funky glamour.


Keep Your Updo in Place

Curly red upstyleWhen it comes to keeping your updo in place, bobby pins are your new best friend! Crisscross them for stronger hold and try to match the color of the pins to your hair color so that they blend in with your strands.

For staying power, strong hold hair products such as hairspray and gel spray will add hold to your hair in a lightweight form that won’t weigh your strands or style down. Being able to spray the products in also means that you get hold without having to touch your hair. Any hair products that contain alcohol are also good for updos as they help to create more rigid shapes.


Control Frizz and Fly-Aways Hair Strands

Blonde beehive upstyleThere’s nothing worse than having your updo ruined by pesky hair frizz and fly-away strands. Keep them controlled by making sure your hair is in tip-top condition and well hydrated.

Before styling, run a hair serum through your strands to combat frizz. After styling, spritz a large, clean makeup brush with hairspray and ‘paint’ over your strands to keep little fly-away pieces of hair at bay.



Two tone upstyleNothing makes an upstyle more complete then the use of hair accessories! Use sparkly pins, decorative clips, detailed headbands and even hair color to give your updo plenty of head-turning extras once you've pulled your locks into place!