The types of products used to create a hairstyle can make all the difference and ensure that your hairdo lasts all day, all night, or both!



Provides a soft, more natural looking hold than gel.

Product Placement: Can be used throughout the hair to give strands lift and volume. Can be applied to freshly washed, damp or dry hair. In damp hair mousse will combat frizz, in dry hair it will reshape a style without adding a 'sticky' feel. Mousse will add volume to thin hair, making it appear thicker. Apply directly to the roots of damp hair to create fullness and lift.

Perfect For: Creating body and movement and defining curls.

Hair Product Tip: Work mousse in your hands before applying to your hair




Stronger than hairspray but weaker than wax. Gel will stiffen your hair into place and provide a wet looking finish.

Product Placement: Apply a small amount of gel to the roots of your hair for extra volume. Applying gel to the ends of your hair will weigh your hair down.

Perfect For: Mohawks, curls and slicked back styles.

Hair Product Tip: Most gels come in different strengths to provide a harder or weaker hold depending on your hair type and the style you wish to achieve.


Gel Wax

Gel wax

Provides a drier, stiffer finish than gel.

Product Placement: Gel wax can be applied to specific sections of your hair to create your look, such as in your ends to achieve flicks and spikes.

Perfect For: Short and curly hairstyles. Flicked and spiked hairstyles.

Hair Product Tip: Use only a small amount of gel wax to create a semi-wet effect.


Gel Spray

Gel spray

Allows for a lighter, more even touch of gel to be applied to your hair.

Product Placement: Spritz over your entire style for hold.

Perfect For: Curl definition and hold.

Hair Product Tip: Gel spray will not weigh your hair down or create a wet look.




Provides a very strong hold, especially for curly hair types. Great for texturising.

Product Placement: Use throughout your hair sparingly - a little goes a long way. Use in your ends for extra texture and definition. Use to keep your bangs side swept and in place.

Perfect For: Reducing frizz and creating sculpted styles.

Hair Product Tip: Warm extra hard products with a little heat from your hair dryer.


Sculpture Lotion

Sculpture lotion

Adds a strong hold to thick hair and creates body.

Product Placement: Add sculpture lotion evenly throughout your hair for best results.

Perfect For: Creating messy looks and adding volume to hair when blow-drying.

Hair Product Tip: Apply sculpture lotion to evenly damp hair. Hair that is too wet will dilute and hair that is too dry will stop an even spread.


Smoothing Shine

Smoothing shine

Adds a great shine to locks and keeps fly-away strands and frizziness in check.

Product Placement: Best used through your mid-lengths and ends. Too much serum at your roots will make your hair look greasy.

Perfect For: Straight styles.

Hair Product Tip: Smoothing shine makes a great finishing product and should only be applied over your roots once you've applied the majority of the product to your ends to avoid an 'oily' look.


Hair Spray


Great for creating hold, volume and body, and controlling fly-away strands.

Product Placement: Use on dry hairstyles as a finishing product to hold and maintain shape. Don't concentrate spray in one particular area or you'll end up with one stiff, artificial looking section.

Perfect For: Upstyles.

Hair Product Tip: Spray hairspray onto your hands and then run over your strands for a natural look with staying power.


Moulding Cream

Moulding cream

Allows you to twist, mould and sculpt your hair into different looks.

Product Placement: Use on dry hair for a great finish. Use on damp hair for texture.

Perfect For: Texturising, especially short hairdos.

Hair Product Tip: Styling products work best when warmed slightly with your hands before being applied to your hair.




Will combat frizz and control dryness.

Product Placement: Use throughout your hair.

Perfect For: Curly and frizzy hair.

Hair Product Tip: Don't apply too much or you'll risk overloading your hair and weighing it down.


Straightening Balm

Straightening balm

Great for straightening and adding shine.

Product Placement: Run throughout your lengths before straightening your hair with a blow-dryer or straightening iron to give you straight, smooth locks with less time and effort.

Perfect For: Straight, smooth styles.

Hair Product Tip: Use a straightening balm that also doubles as a heat protector to look after your locks when using heating tools.




Gives a firmer, stronger hold than hairspray.

Product Placement: Spray over your entire finished 'do for great hold. Spray directly into roots to create volume.

Perfect For: Upstyles. Extreme styles which require a firm hold.

Hair Product Tip: Unlike hairspray, hair lacquer also adds shine to your hair as well as hold.


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