Regardless of whether you wash your hair every day, once a week or once a month, there are some great tips that you can use to get the most out of your shampoo!

  • Woman washing shampoo from hair.To cut down on styling time, use shampoos (and conditioners) that are formulated for styling. Shampoos that are designed to care for curls or promote straight hair are available on the market and usually have other styling products, such as serums and gels etc, to complement them and to help you achieve the look that you want.
  • Transferring (or buying) your shampoo in a pump bottle will help you to use the right amount and ensure you don’t waste any product, making your shampoo last longer.
  • Dry shampoos are the perfect time saver for those days when you don’t have the time to wash.
  • A clarifying shampoo will remove product build up and should be used at least once a month. Even if you don’t use hair styling products, conditioners and hair treatments do leave some residue so detoxing with a clarifying shampoo is a must for everyone.
  • Dandruff shampoos can be drying so alternate them with other shampoos to keep your dandruff in check and your hair healthy.
  • Shampoo is for your roots, not your ends. Shampoo only needs to be applied to your roots, which is the oiliest part of your hair. The rest of your hair will be cleansed when your shampoo is rinsed out.
  • For even coverage, squeeze shampoo into your hands and then spread it over your palms and work it into a light lather before massaging it over your scalp.
  • While it’s not necessary to buy the most expensive shampoo on the market, buying really cheap shampoo should be avoided as they are more likely to be made from harsh detergents, contain drying alcohols and will not be formulated for specific hair needs. Instead, buy the best brand that you can afford and one that is targeted towards your specific hair needs.
  • Make sure your hair is thoroughly wet before shampooing. That way you won’t need to use as much shampoo and it will make washing your hair easier.
  • For a shine boost, use less shampoo and rinse, rinse, rinse!
  • Keep in mind that your hair is exposed to the same elements and environments that your skin is so it needs just as much cleaning and care.

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