It doesn't take much to give your hairstyle a new lease on life and THS has all the tips you'll need to pull off a little hairstyling makeover magic.

Change The Part:

Giving your hair a new look does not have to be drastic. A simple switch in how you part your hair can change the look of your 'do completely. Try parting your hair on the opposite side or down the middle and see the change for yourself.

Add A Color:

A change in color is the most effective way to spice up your look. Even if you don't want to go for something completely different, adding a tone that is close to your natural color will add shine and gloss, making your hair look instantly healthy.

Wear It Up:

If you normally wear your hair down, how about trying a style that lifts your hair up? Pulling your hair back into something as simple as a ponytail will show off your facial features and give you a new look without a lot of effort.

Wear It Down:

If you constantly wear your hair up, give your locks a chance to take centre stage by allowing them to flow around your face. Healthy strands make the perfect frame for showing off your features.

Add Some Texture:

Adding texture to your hair is a fun way to achieve different looks. By using layers of different length, a curling iron, a hair straightener or styling products - you can turn one-length flat hair into a look that has interest.

Add Some Accessories:

Accessories are the perfect way to add instant glamour and style to your look. Any hairstyle can instantly be transformed from plain to eye-catching by dressing your strands with colorful clips, decorated hair ties, glittery pins or sparkling hair gems.

Add Bangs:

Adding bangs is a great way to freshen up any hairstyle and is a very versatile styling option. Bangs can be used to highlight features such as your eyes or cheekbones, or flatter a high or wide forehead. Having bangs that can be styled to sweep across your forehead will add class and glamour to upstyle's and heavy blunt bangs always looks great with smooth, straight locks.

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