Full, blunt cut bangs have always been a very popular way to wear bangs, and the look is not only fashionable, but can also give you a very striking and effective appeal when teamed with the right hairstyle.

For a quick and easy way to achieve this great option, give these how to style steps a try.

Blunt cut bangsBlunt cut bangs

Apply Hair Styling Products

To ensure your blunt bangs always look great you'll need to use hair styling products so apply something that'll keep your bangs styled, such a straightening balm, in a small amount to your palms and then distribute it evenly through your bangs.

Use a Radial or Paddle Brush

Next, you'll need to make sure you have a radial or a paddle brush on hand. A radial brush is perfect for styling bangs because it allows you to pull your hair straight and also curl your ends under to achieve the right look. A paddle brush will help you to get your bangs super straight. Both brushes come in all different sizes and the size you’ll need will depend on the thickness of your hair.

Blow-Dry Your Bangs into Shape

To blow-dry your bangs forward:

  1. Clip all of your hair back so that only your bangs are left out.
  2. Position your bangs evenly in your brush and take your hair in a forward direction.
  3. Blow-dry from your roots to your ends, keeping the tension consistent with your hair brush, and evenly distribute the heat from your blow-dryer over the whole section of your hair. Repeat until your bangs are dry.
  4. If needed, you can also run a hair straightener through your bangs to make sure they are nice and flat.

Apply Hairspray

To finish your full bang look, hold a can of hairspray at arm’s length and apply a minimal amount of hairspray to your bangs.

And there you have it! Easy how to steps for achieving blunt cut bangs.

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