Blonde Hair Color Tips

Blonde hair color tips

When you first wash your hair after having it colored make sure it’s with a shampoo and conditioner designed for color treated hair. This will help you to retain your color.

For further washes, try blonde color depositing shampoos to keep your hair color rich and vibrant.

To refresh your color between salon visits use a gloss hair treatment that either matches your blonde locks or is clear. This will also help to minimize color fade.

If you find that your platinum blonde hair color turns brassy then keep a purple shampoo on hand to tone out the brass as you wash your hair.

Multi-tonal blonde is a good choice for all hair types and most hairstyles, although really short crops will look better with one solid hair color.

Platinum blonde colors works best for thick hair types as fine hair could end up looking really thin. Your hair must be in very good condition to try this color and you must be prepared for monthly salon visits and to do some home pampering with your locks to keep your hair healthy.

Blonde Hair Color Tricks

Blonde hair color tricks

Add some oomph to your hair without going the standard base color and highlight route by using highlights and lowlights in complimentary blonde colors that go with your base color.

Adding slices of blonde color in the underneath sections of your hair is a great way to add interest as the different color will come into view at different times, such as when you're just moving your hair around naturally or when you wear an updo or a different hair part. It's also low maintenance as it doesn't start at your roots and the regrowth won't show as quickly.

Add natural blonde tones as highlights for a sun-kissed look in thin strands around your face. Use low-lights in slightly darker blonde shades for depth, texture and movement.

If you're a brunette, add some blonde highlights around your face to lift and lighten your color instead of going for an all out blonde color as that could drain your skin tone and features.

When it comes to hair styling, blow-dry or straighten your hair smooth to reflect more light.

Blonde Hair Color Suggestions

Light Blonde

Light blonde hair color suggestions

Light blonde color choices come in lots of varieties with one of the most popular being platinum blonde. If you're keen to try it, just make sure you're only two shades darker than platinum already or go platinum over time for the best result.

Medium Blonde

Medium blonde hair color suggestions

Multi-tonal medium blonde colors in gold and honey are great options as the different layers of shade adds depth and thickness.

Dark Blonde

Dark blonde hair color suggestions

For colors that reflect light, try dark blonde hair colors that have golden tones.

To see how you'd look with any of these blonde hairstyles, click on the images for a link to try the virtual hairstyle on your own photo or our model.