To ensure you get the best results from any hair coloring you try, get some facts straight by taking a look at these false hair color myths.

Any Color Job Can Be Done At Home

Hair being dyed

Simple, solid hair colors are perfect for those wanting to color at home. More complicated processes such as highlights, really vibrant shades and going lighter than your current shade, however, are color options best left to the professionals if you want a fuss free result. Anyone with sensitive skin or scalps or those who’ve had a bad reaction to dye in the past should also leave color work to the professionals just to be safe.

Your Hair Color Will Look the Same as the Picture on the Box

Your current hair color and any other chemical processes (like highlights, perms and chemical straightening) all have an impact on the final result when it comes to a new hair color. To make sure the color that you want is the color that you get, do a strand test on one of the underneath sections of your hair. It might make applying your hair color a longer process, but it’s a lot easier (and less expensive) then ending up with a head full of the wrong color.

You Don’t Have to Do a Strand Test

Strand tests are not only useful for making sure that the color you’re applying is the color you’ll get, they will also let you know if you’re sensitive to any of the chemicals in the dye.

You Can Fix Any Major Mistake Yourself

Multi-toned red hair

So you’ve made a mistake with a light hair color or crazy shade and figure that coloring over it with the darkest color you can find will fix it, right? Wrong! This goes back to throwing one color on top of another and the result may end up being even worse. Color correcting should always be done by a professional.

Leaving a Lighter Hair Color On Longer Will Give You Lighter Hair

If you’re lightening your hair at home and want your hair to be as light as possible then don’t be tempted to leave the color on longer than instructed in the hope that you will achieve an even lighter shade. Processing times are set at a certain length because that’s all that is needed for the chemicals to do the job. Leaving lightener on your hair for hours on end in the hope it’ll make your hair even lighter is just a waste of time.

Whether you’re going blonde, maintaining your brown hair, flirting with red hair coloring or spicing up your look with highlights, by knowing the truth about these hair color myths and not trying complicated hair colors at home, always following the processing times, not trying to fix any color mishaps yourself and always performing a strand test, your hair coloring adventures should be lots of fun and leave you with nothing but a fabulous look!