There’s no better way to establish a classic look or make a splashy statement than with your hair color. Not only can you use your hair color to create an attention-drawing look, but you can also use it to highlight and enhance your overall look. The best way to do this is to ensure that your hair color; regardless of whether it’s natural looking or bright and wild, is one that works with your skin tone.

When you have the perfect hair color, it’s easy to create an effortless look no matter your hairstyle. Choosing what hair color is perfect for you can sometimes be easier said than done, however, the wrong choice can bring your look down. To ensure this doesn't happen to you, remember the one golden rule – always match your color to your skin tone – and give these hair color hues a try!


Perfect Hair Color Hues: Pale Cool Skin Tone

Cameron Diaz Long Wavy Blonde hairstyle - Pale Cool Skin Tone


Taylor Swift Long Straight Blonde hairstyle - Pale Cool Skin Tone

Pale cool skin tones are just made for pale blonde hair. Think platinum blonde and champagne locks. For the best results though, avoid a solid one tone color which will make your hair look unnatural and use highlights and lowlights to weave various tones of blonde throughout your hair to create your best hue.


Kristen Stewart Long Straight Brunette hairstyle - Pale Cool Skin Tone


Rachel McAdams Medium Wavy Brunette hairstyle - Pale Cool Skin Tone

The best way to balance a brunette shade with pale skin is to avoid heavy, dark browns and choose lighter browns, ash browns and caramel, gold and even red-tinged inspired brunette hues.


Ashlee Simpson Long Straight Red hairstyle - Pale Cool Skin Tone


Isla Fisher Long Wavy Red hairstyle - Pale Cool Skin Tone

For a great red hue, it’s best to avoid anything that will enhance the pinkish undertones of your pale cool skin and get acquainted with shades that are copper, amber or warm based in color. If your pink undertone is minimal then you can give rosy reds a try.


Perfect Hair Color Hues: Pale Warm Skin Tone

Paris Hilton Long Wavy hairstyle -  Pale Warm Skin Tone


Carrie Underwood Long Wavy hairstyle -  Pale Warm Skin Tone

Ash blondes and any hue that has a hint of honey in it are as warm as you should go when it comes to a blonde shade that will team well with your skin tone. Anything too golden could pick up and enhance any pink undertones that your skin may have and give you a finished result that is too warm. Balance is the key for a great blonde look.


AnnaLynne McCord Long Curly hairstyle -  Pale Warm Skin Tone


Miley Cyrus Long Straight hairstyle -  Pale Warm Skin Tone

When it comes to a brunette color though, a bit of warmth is recommended. Golden browns are your best bet when it comes to creating a striking balance with your warm skin and hair hue. How warm you should go all depends on the undertones of your individual complexion, so if you’re not sure then visit your salon for a color consultation first.


Ashley Greene Long Wavy hairstyle -  Pale Warm Skin Tone


Bella Thorne Long Straight hairstyle -  Pale Warm Skin Tone

Matching a red hair color with a skin tone that tends to look very warm and pinky can be a recipe for disaster. That doesn’t mean you can’t rock a red hair color if you want to, though, the key is to find a red hair color that will work with your complexion, not against it. To achieve this, it’s best to see a professional hairstylist who can look at the undertones in your skin and recommend a cool red that will work well to harmonize with your warm skin.


Perfect Hair Color Hues: Olive Skin Tone

Eva Longoria Curly Blonde Updo - Olive Skin Tone


Jennifer Aniston Long Straight Blonde hairstyle - Olive Skin Tone

Warm blonde tones will really liven up olive skin. Try toffee and caramel inspired shades of blonde and enjoy a hue that will bring out the best in your complexion. Up the ante by ensuring your hair color works with your hair’s texture, and add depth and movement with multi-tonal highlights and lowlights in complementing warm blonde shades.


Jessica Alba Long Curly Brunette hairstyle - Olive Skin Tone


Jessica Biel Long Straight Brunette hairstyle - Olive Skin Tone

When it comes to a brunette shade, ensure your hue leans towards ashy and light brunette shades that border on dark blonde. These types of colors work extremely well with olive skin and will enhance the tone of your complexion. When having your brunette color applied, however, stay away from solid block colors and use varied tones weaved through as highlights and lowlights to really give your color the best result.


Kate Walsh Long Wavy Red hairstyle - Olive Skin Tone


Khloe Kardashian Long Straight Red hairstyle - Olive Skin Tone

The pinkish tones of an olive complexion can be brought out with the wrong red hue, so it’s important to choose the right red hair color. Subtle red tones are the safest options, as are dark auburn shades and violet based reds.


Perfect Hair Color Hues: Dark Skin Tone

Rihanna Medium Wavy Shag Blonde hairstyle - Dark Skin Tone


Monica Long Straight Blonde hairstyle - Dark Skin Tone

If you have dark skin, chances are your hair is naturally dark too, which will require a chemical hair process that lifts your natural color so it can be taken to a blonde shade. This type of process should always be undertaken by a professional, so if you want to go blonde, get to the salon.

A full head of blonde color will make the most impact. When it comes to the right hue, warm blondes often described as caramel, toffee or honey inspired are the choices to opt for.


Beyonce Long Curly Brunette hairstyle - Dark Skin Tone


Halle Berry Long Wavy Brunette hairstyle - Dark Skin Tone

A brunette color color may be the lightest you want to go if your hair is naturally black, or you might simply want to take your naturally brunette hair darker or a touch lighter. Either way, make sure your shade emphasizes movement and shine for the best results. Brunette locks that work well with a dark skin tone include mocha, auburn browns, golden browns, ash browns and dark or light browns.


Fantasia Short Straight Red hairstyle - Dark Skin Tone


Tyra Banks Medium Wavy Red hairstyle - Dark Skin Tone

Like the perfect contrast, red hair can really put some wow into your skin tone and overall look. Bright cherry reds, subtle dark auburn reds and everything in between are great choices for dark skin. If you choose a full head of red hair then be prepared for some maintenance, however, as red can fade quickly. Depending on the shade and your current hair color, you may also need to go through a lightening process first to achieve the right red hue. For a more low maintenance option, red highlights may be just the red kick you need to spice up your locks without as much effort.


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