With short hairstyles one of the must have style trends of the moment, we've come up with some simple do's and don'ts that we recommend if you've got, want to get, or need to style short hair!

Short Hair Do's!

Leave Some Hair Length

Short flicked hairstyleTo really get the most out of a short hairdo versatility is the key! In order to be able to style your hair into lots of different looks, to add funky curls and waves, or to dress your locks up with hair accessories, leaving (or growing) some length through the top of your short hair is the way to go.


Stick to Your Short Style If You Love It

Short mature hairstyleWhile a hair change can really makeover your look, if short hair really suits you and you love the ease of the styling and the look it gives you then we say to stick with it. Just remember to keep the styling updated. If you haven't changed the way you wear your hair since you had it cut short 10 years ago then see a hairstylist to get a modern version of your cut.


Be Bold

Short bold hairstyleOne of the great things about short hair is the variety of bold styles available. Asymmetrical haircuts, curved bangs and choppy layers are just some of the cuts you can apply to short hair that really get the chance to shine because of the length. And if you don't love it then it shouldn't take too long to grow your hair out, or you can add hair extensions until your hair is long enough to try a different 'do


Short Hair Dont's!

Get a Hairdo That Doesn't Suit You

Trendy short hairstyle with highlightsGoing for a trendy short style, a 'do that looks great on your friends petite facial features (but is all wrong for you), or a style that is suited to a much older or much younger person should not be tried. To find the right short hairstyle for you, we recommend using use our hair consultation. It will allow you to select your face shape, age, hair texture, density, length and more to help you avoid a short hair disaster!


Go Overboard with Hair Styling Products

Alternative short hairstyleIf your hair is short then only the smallest amount of hair styling products are needed to achieve any hairstyle. Remember, it's much easier to add more hair product then it is to take out too much, so go easy on the products when you're styling your short hair to avoid ruining your hairstyle and turning your strands into a greasy looking mess.


Let Hair Frizz or Damaged Hair Ruin Your Style

Short platinum blonde hairstyleWhen your hair is short then your hair strands are on show. Ensure they look great and don't ruin the finish of your sassy 'do with fly-away strands, frizzy locks and damaged hair ends. Look after your locks with a regular hair care routine, weekly hair masks, care when styling, and lots of TLC.