So why after a few weeks does your hair suddenly look limp, dull and greasy?

It's called styling sabotage and unfortunately it's most likely you that is causing all the problems.

Styling Mistake #1 - Not Rinsing Out Shampoo And Conditioners Properly:

It may look and feel clean when it's wet, but if you haven't rinsed out your shampoo and conditioner correctly, then once your hairstyle is dry, it'll look stringy and greasy. Always make sure to rinse extremely well and try to comb your hair while under the shower spray to help the water reach every strand and to push any left over residue out of your hair.

Styling Mistake #2 - Over Conditioning:

Too much conditioner will make your hair too soft and very hard to manage. Avoid this by making sure to use the correct amount for your hair length. Short hair needs less than half a tablespoon of product and long hair needs just a little more than half.

Styling Mistake #3 - Under Conditioning:

Under conditioning your hair will leave it dry, frizzy and prone to tangles. The rules of using the right amount for your hair will fix the problem and it also helps to condition regularly. To get the right conditioning balance experiment with rinse out conditioners and leave in versions as well.

Styling Mistake #4 - Product Overuse:

Styling products should be used to enhance and hold your hairstyle. If you are using more than four products at once then you are using too much. Try to cut back by finding the right products for your hair type and the right products for the style that you want to achieve. Styling products come in a variety of strengths, so keep that in mind and try a stronger hold instead of overloading your hair.

Styling Mistake #5 - Damaging Your Hair With Heat Appliances:

Appliances like hair straighteners, curling irons and blow-dryers are a fantastic way to change the texture and style of your hair. But using them everyday is the quickest way to damage the hair. Try to keep their uses to a few times a week and always use a heat protection product first. Another way to minimize damage is to always keep the heated area moving along your hair strands.

Styling Mistake #6 - Using The Wrong Products:

Using the wrong product for your hair type will always end in a styling disaster. To find the product that will allow you to style your hair without it looking limp or unnatural you will need to understand your hair type and should consider the type of style that you want to achieve. If in doubt, ask a professional.

Now that you know what to do to keep your hair manageable and looking great, browse through's library now to find a hairstyle!