Be patient. It takes time for your hair to grow. Statistics show that the average rate of growth is only one-half of an inch per month, which means that if you currently have short hair, by the time the ends have grown long enough to reach your shoulders, they are already a few years old.

Getting rid of any damaged strands and split ends will ensure that your hair growth will be healthy and will leave you with a fantastic mane when you have finally reached your desired length.

It is important to have regular trims every 8 to 10 weeks. While some might say that there is no point in cutting your hair while you are trying to grow it. Having regular trims will encourage healthy growth and make sure that your style and hair looks its best while growing.

By eating right your body will receive the right amount of vitamins which will help with hair growth. Protein and vitamin B are essential for hair growth and beta-carotene is great for promoting healthy hair as well as healthy skin and nails.

Look after your hair by brushing it regularly and using a comb when your hair is wet and a brush when your hair is dry. This will help to prevent your hair from breaking.

Washing your hair only when necessary will make sure that your hair can be conditioned and kept in check by your natural oils, which in turn will help it grow. On average, washing your hair about three times a week should be enough.

Exercising your body increases blood flow, which is good news for your hair as the added blood flow through your scalp will keep your locks healthy and growing.