Choosing a hairstyle that is right for your face shape is one of the best ways to get a hairdo that looks great, but styling your hair or adding something simple like hair layers or bangs that will enhance your face shape can also do wonders for your look. Just check out these ideas and give them a try yourself!

Oval Face Shape / Round Face Shape
Model with blonde layered hair and bangsModel with blonde waves and side bangs

Oval face shape: if you're face is oval then your hairstyling options are pretty much endless and anything will look on you! To really enhance your great face shape, consider adding layers that hang around your cheekbones, lips or chin which will draw attention to your face and provide you with a pretty frame.

Round face shape: to enhance your face shape try long hair waves and side-swept bangs. They will instantly add the length and width you need to truly make the most of your face shape.

Oblong Face Shape / Diamond Face Shape
Model with long dark curlsModel with a bob hairstyle and full bangs

Oblong face shape: waves are a great way to add softness and a romantic touch to any hairstyle, but when added to the mid-lengths of your hair when you have an oblong face shape, they will also give the illusion of a wider face and reduce length to create a much more flattering face shape.

Diamond face shape: diamond shapes can be quite long and are wide in the forehead area so adding a great set of bangs, especially full blunt cut bangs, to your hair will help shorten and balance out your face shape, and bring focus to your eyes!

Heart Face Shape / Square Face Shape
Model with long naturally curly hairModel with long dark flicked hair

Heart face shape: to create some width around your narrow chin, add cascading curls to your hair using a curling iron or hair rollers and add a centre hair part to evenly divide your face shape and create the illusion of some vertical length.

Square face shape: add some fun to your look with flicks and help to soften the straight lines of your square face shape at the same time. Flick can be added using your hair straightener or a hair brush and your blow-dryer.