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Wash and go hairstyle ideas side

Wash and Go Hairstyle Ideas

As women, we always try to appear as if our beauty is effortless… but we all know that it takes work to get that flawless hair and makeup! There are some things you can do to Read more...

Sexy hairstyle ideas naturally curly hair side

Sexy Hairstyle Ideas for Naturally Curly Hair

Having a head full of natural curls can be challenging. At times, they seem to have a mind of their own. Here, we will look at three different hairstyle lengths for those of you blessed with Read more...

The latest hairstyles for african hair 2

Hairstyles for African Hair

As we move into spring and summer, it's time to get some new ideas for our 'dos! If you have African hair, you may be thinking about going short... Read more...

Hot medium length hairstyles for spring 2014 side

Hot Medium Length Hairstyles for Spring

Got the winter blues? It's time for a hot new look for spring 2014. Why not try the effortlessly chic Read more...

The faux bob hairstyle side

Faux Bob Hairstyle Ideas

A big trend seen on the red carpet this year was the faux bob. If you're looking for a new head-turning updo for your long tresses without the commitment of a drastic cut, the faux bob may be for you. This hairstyle gives a fresh look perfect f... Read more...

New easy party updos side

Easy Party Updos

Do you have an elegant soiree or special event to attend soon? If so, you're probably going to need some fabulous new updo ideas for your hair! While many women choose to leave their hair down for these events, wearing it up can actually look m... Read more...

The latest hairstyle for white blonde hair side

Hairstyles for White Blonde Hair

If you read our 2014 Spring/Summer Trend articles, you will know that ultra edgy 'dos are bang on trend this season. And, when it comes to color there is no doubt that this season, it's gotta be bold! One color that is on fire this season is ic... Read more...

How to wear bardot bangs 2

How To Wear Bardot Bangs

If you're the kind of girl that likes sexy, versatile bangs, then Bardot Bangs may be perfect for you. These were, of course, named after the iconic Brigitte Bardot, who was famous for her long tousled hair and fringe. Bardot bangs are parted i... Read more...

Spring summer 2014 hair trends in action side

Hair Trends for Spring in Action!

If you've been reading our Spring 2014 hair trend articles, then you'll know by now what to expect this season when it comes to bang-on-trend hairstyles. But in case you missed it, the hottest hairdos for 2014 (in a nutshell) are:

Add volume to your hairstyle side

Add Volume to Your Hairstyle

Flat, lanky hair is never a good look, so it's no wonder that women everywhere love to add body and bounce to their hair. Although Read more...

3842 heidi klum

Seventies Hairstyles for all Hair Lengths

If you're captivated by the era of disco, dancing and the fascinating fashion from "The Me Decade", you're in luck. While the Seventies are long gone time-wise, the hairstyles and fashion thankfully live on. From Farrah Fawcett-inspired feat... Read more...

Hairstyles to wear with blunt bangs side

Hairstyles to Wear with Blunt Bangs

Most people think that to pull off a blunt fringe you need to rock a blunt Cleopatra style hairdo. While ... Read more...

What your haircut says about you side

What Your Haircut Says About You

We all know that our hair color makes a certain impression on people... Read more...

Top hairstyles january 2014 trend report

The Top 5 Hairstyles - January 2014 Viewer Trend Report

We have thousands of hairstyles on our website, with more being added on a regular basis, so it is always interesting to see what styles viewers are clicking on the most. You would think that long, wavy red carpet celebrity hairstyles top the l... Read more...

Jewel tone hair colors

Jewel Tone Hair Colors

There is a decadent new trend in hair coloring that is going to be a hot look, and if you love rich, opulent colors then it may be one you want to try out! Jewel-tone hair colors are becoming more and more popular on the red carpet and it&rsquo... Read more...

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