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Red Hair: Color Ideas & Advice for Trying the Hottest Hair Trend

One hair color trend that has been inescapable for the last year is red hair. With everyone from Rihanna to Drew Barrymore trying the trend, red hues suddenly became...

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Updo Ideas for All Occasions!

When you're looking for a nice way to tie your hair back, a new look for the workplace or a flattering wedding hairstyle for your big day, an updo is an...

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Short Hair: Do's and Don'ts

With short hairstyles one of the must have style trends of the moment, we've come up with some simple do's and don'ts that we recommend if you've got, want to get, or need to style short...

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Celebrity Hair Color: Hit and Miss

The right hair color can give you a look that compliments all your features, brings out the best in your haircut, and gives your hair a shiny, healthy look.

The wrong hair color, however, can be complexion draining,...

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Natural Hairstyles: The Cool New Celebrity Trend

If you're finding it hard to find the time to create a polished hairstyle every day, or if you're simply just over getting out the hair straightener and blow-dryer every day then you're not alone.

It seems celebrities...

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Hair Stylist Tips: Hair Brushes

Ask any hair stylist to make a list of the most important hair styling tools they use and you'll be sure to see a hair brush listed.


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4 Reasons Why Virtual Hair Styles Rule

If you're looking for a new look then don't just rely on pictures from magazines to help you decide. A virtual hairstyle, especially one teamed with your own photo, is the ultimate way to decide on a new haircut,...

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Do You Think Your Salon Hair Looks Ridiculous?

I like getting my hair done in the salon because my hairstylist always does a good job helping me with a hairstyle that suits my face...

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Jennifer Lawrence's Hairstyle - From Long to Short

Short hair must be the new black because lately, the red carpet is showcasing many of these dramatic new 'dos! Recently, Jennifer Lawrence made headlines with her sophisticated short hairstyle at The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 2 premiere, which is...

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Kelly Rowland's Hair And Makeup

Kelly Rowland has become a real hair and beauty icon in her own right. Along with her big bright eyes, high cheekbones and megawatt smile, what's not to envy about this girl's look? And lately, Kelly has been looking extra...

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Jennifer Lopez Lighter Hairstyle And Makeup

Does this woman ever age? Jennifer Lopez has always had amazing skin, hair and facial features but come on, this is crazy! J-Lo still looks like she is in her twenties, even though she is forty four- yes, forty four-...

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Short Hairstyle Makeovers To Vamp Up Your Short Hair 'Do!

Like any hair length, short hair can easily end up in a styling rut. The great news about short hair, however, is that it's so versatile that just a...

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Hairstyles for Parties

Need a makeover so you look great for all your end of year parties? Well look no further. Now that the holidays are coming and you know that you'll be going to parties and events with friends and family, it's...

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Haircuts for Fine Hair

Some of the downsides of a fine hair type is the flatness and lack of volume that can leave your locks looking limp and some hairstyles, such as an updo, without the wow factor. These hair problems can...