For every celebrity that has a drop-dead gorgeous, trend inspiring haircolor, there is another celebrity, who even with a top-notch hair colorist on speed dial, gets the same haircolor terribly wrong...

Blonde Haircolor
Marisa Miller hairstylesFrances Fisher hairstyles

While it's no secret that the best way to get a haircolor that really suits you is to match your haircolor to your skin tone, this is especially true for blondes. Marisa Miller proves this with her blonde hue being a perfect match for her skin tone, while a similar color on Frances Fisher looks washed out and very ageing against her much paler complexion. Marisa's color also looks a lot more natural with her darker root area and blend of blonde tones, making it the clear winner when it comes to the best blonde haircolor.

Black Haircolor
Kim Kardashian hairstylesValerie Bertinelli hairstyles

While once a blonde herself, Kim Kardashian tends to stick to a much darker haircolor these days, and it's easy to see why! A black haircolor is by far the most natural looking and flattering shade for her and her locks always look healthy and full of hair shine. As for Valerie Bertinelli, the Hot in Cleveland actress normally sports a chocolate brunette shade and this black color is just too heavy and draining for her.

Red Haircolor
Florence Welch hairstylesHayley Williams hairstyles

While a bright red haircolor may be all the rage, we draw the line at clown-like red. (Sorry, Hayley). The dark copper red shade from Florence Welch is a great example of what to do if you're thinking of switching to a red haircolor. It's got plenty of shine and the color is head turning without being a turn off. The color from Hayley Williams, however, is just too bright and makes her very pale skin look even whiter.

Two-Tone Haircolor Splash
Katy Perry hairstylesChristina Perri hairstyles

Two-tone haircolor first became big a few years back when every celebrity around was coloring the underneath sections of their hair a different tone to the rest of their locks. Now, the trend in two-tone color is to add splashes of color through random sections of your hair. This trend can be very effective, as shown here on Katy Perry, or just strange looking, as shown on Christina Perri.

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