When a fabulous new look is what you want, a fabulous new hair color is all you need. But a great new hair color is not just about picking the most appealing color on the box, it's about choosing a hair color that is going to give you a look that makes you feel great and your hair look gorgeous.

Give your look the ultimate transformation by trying out a hair color trend that steers clear of flat, boring color and draws attention to your locks in the way they deserve!

Blondette Hair Color

Katie Cassidy hairstylesIs it a light brown hair color? Is it a dark blonde hair color? It doesn't matter because this fabulous color is in a league all of it's own! From the subtle mix of golden tones to the pretty glossiness of the warm buttery color, we just love this blondette look, so take your cue from Katie Cassidy and try this stunning option today!


A Hint of Red

Ashley Greene hairstylesWith the likelihood that red hair colors are to stay for awhile (at least until Rihanna changes her hair color again), there are lots of great options to choose from but we prefer the kind of red hair color that glistens in your hair in the right light and gives a dark hair tone some extra oomph and life, such as this color from Ashley Greene.


Dip Dyed Ends

Kathryn Hahn hairstylesOne way to get low maintenance hair is to choose a hair color where regrowth is not a problem! By mixing a different hair color through your ends, à la Kathryn Hahn, you'll not only create a hair color that is very low on the up-keep factor, but one that looks natural and creates plenty of interest. Stick to blondes and browns for a subtle look or try bright tones for some added funk.


High Shine Dark Hues

Lucy Hale hairstylesNothing says great hair like high shine. For truly shiny hair though you have to go as dark as possible, which can sometimes leave you with a flat, boring hair color. For a great look like Lucy Hale you need to make sure your dark hair tone has plenty of warmth in it to bring your color to life, and that your locks are healthy enough to give off a great shine!


To see how you'd look with any of these great hair color options before you book with your hairstylist, click on each image to try the virtual hairstyle with your own photo!